Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silkygirl Duo Eye Shadow Swatches! :D

Here're the swatches for all 16 Duo Eye Shadows from Silkygirl!! :D

As usual, the ones on the left are taken without flash, and the ones on the right, with! :)

01 Monet Lavender

02 Cool Chic

03 Wild Fantasy

04 Glamour Babe

05 Smokey Spark

06 Copper dust

07 Iced Ginger

08 Yin & Yang

10 Golden Emerald

12 Shimmer Lights

14 Purple Glitters

15 Candy Blue

16 Mocha Latte

17 Flushed Maple

18 Marine Apricot

19 Lemon Mint

These definitely bring back some memories - they are my first eyeshadows!! :D I used to have all of the old ones!! :D

Do you know that the discontinued shades 09, 11 and 13 are called Blue Jewel (one of my favourites!!), Razzle Dazzle and Indigo Frost respectively? :D They're gorgeous and i don't why Silkygirl decided to discontinue them!! :(

At RM15.90 each, these are literally a steal considering how pigmented and smooth they are!! Definitely one of those drugstore gems that you just have to at least check out!! :D

Do you like these shadows? :D


  1. i think silky girl shadows really fare a lot better than the revlon. the matte eyeshadow are really crappy when i tried in watsons yesterday =/

  2. Yeah i think so too Xin!! Plus, they're cheaper!!

    The Revlon matte ones are not pigmented lo... i personally won't buy la! :P

  3. hehe i still remembered last time when i was still young and my mum was the one going to watsons and guardian occasionally to grab her make up when her original ones ran out

    the silky girl eyeshadows really reminded me of wet n wild's
    i remember it was a pretty good eyeshadow brand too :)

  4. i remembered indigo frost! :D

    and hm, wat were we discussing the golden emerald d ah? sei, i kenot remember!

    shimmer lights make good highlighter la i think, i dunno if i still have them not. either i gave them away all to my sister, or i donated them d :(

  5. Ooooh, I love these! I have Smokey Spark and learned to do the smokey eye using that duo!! Thanks for the swatches!

  6. LyNn: icic!! Not surprising since Silkygirl is the asian version of Wet n' Wild! :D

  7. Shopn'Chomp: yes they are! So cheap too!! :D

  8. Plue: ahaha... i think it was you looking for a yellow eyeshadow lo! :D

    Yeah the light shade from Shimmer Lights can definitely work as a highlighter! :D

  9. you're most welcome! :D I used to love my Smokey Spark so much too!! hehehe!! :D

  10. I always test them in the drugstore... i love all of them but no idea which to pick... so end up didn't buying either 1... i guess i'll just start by buying 1 by 1... pick 1 each time i see them.... within 2 weeks time i'll have them all i think... xD

  11. Janice: icic!! haha yeah that's a good plan! :D

  12. i had been craving the yin&yang for a loooong time, but there isnt time for me to go grab it. Argh!

  13. May I please know which set is matte? I need to know urgently, thanks >A<


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