Friday, August 28, 2009

Save the last...

... LIPGLASSES for me! hahaha! :D

I went to MAC yesterday and was shooooooo happy to see that the Naked Honey Lipglasses i want were still available!! I think i manage to nab the last Queen Bee there! *squeals in delight*

I notice though that they have removed the name stickers on the boxes so now the item names were printed directly on them boxes:

Me no like!! :(

I also manage to get the Garnier roll on eye thingy cuz it's selling REALLY cheaply over here! :D

And finally, after reading Connie's glowing review for the LUSH porridge soap, i HAD to try it out for myself! hehehe! :D

So here it is, a family pic of my last haul in India:

And my dear Plue, here's something for you to get excited over:

Hahaha!! :D I'll be back before the weekend is over!! Wish me a safe trip home k!! :D


  1. wow! how i wish i can try lush soup.. great haul girls... xD

  2. woww great haul!!i wish lush is here in m'sia..

  3. Janice: Don't worry, i'm sure you'll get the chance to try them out!! :D

  4. ms.iu: lets prayyyyyy hard then!! hehehe!! :D

  5. can't wait for you to be back! next time I go Penang find you ;) alamak should have tumpang you to get Buffy :x Porridge soap is AWESOME!

  6. Great haul! Have a safe trip!

  7. Connie: alamak why never tell me earlier! hehehe! :D

    Faster come penang... we go kai kai together! haha! :D

  8. gio: thank you!! I'm safely home now! :D

  9. bweee! ur back! next time i go PG i can go find u dy! :D :D :D

    bring me go to ur MAC store! haha! i want do foundie test there!

    ah~ all the best ok? :D

  10. Plue: hahaha come come!! Come with Connie then the three of us go kai kai together! hehe! :D

    Thank youuuuu!! :D


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