Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Product Reviews: The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++

At a Glance:
Price: RM79.90 (approx. US$21.59)
Weight: 45g / 1.59 Oz.
Made in:Korea
Likes:Looks really natural, didn't make my face shiny! :D
Gripes: A bit drying if you skip moisturizer beneath, only one shade available!
Repurchase: Yes!
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really likey!! :D


Product Description

Smart 3-in-1 cream nourishes, protects and corrects in just one easy application

Formulated with Marjoram and Acti-firm Complex to soothe irritated skin, this 3-in-1 moisturizer offers SPF20 protection, corrects complexion with natural coverage and replenishes skin with nutrients.

Actual Product Pic:

Pigmentation & Color:

This BB comes in only one shade, so i think it may be a problem for tanned babes! It looks really natural on my NC20 skin though! Initially when you apply this, you'll look really ghastly white, but don't worry, it miraculously will adjust itself to match your skintone in awhile (about 10 minutes)! :D This one has sheer to medium coverage!

This is how it looks on me:

As you can see, it evened out my skintone nicely!! :D

And a picture that captured the glow this one gave me:

Oh the love!!! :D

Texture & Scent:
This BB cream feels a little hard to spread, but the effort is totally worth it! :D This one smells like your typical perfumey foundation, you know, somekinda floral plus a tad of those plasticky scent? lol! :D


This BB cream comes in a tube! I'm really surprised to see a pump at the end of it instead of a dispensing hole, which i'm happy with.

On the flipside, i may not get to the last drop of this one, so i may have to cut it open after the pump cannot dispense anymore product i guess!! :P

Time Test:
This BB cream stayed put for almost 8 hours without making my face shiny! :D

Price & Availability:
This BB Cream is priced at RM79.90 (approx. US$21.59), and is available at all TFS stores.

I've been using this everyday now since it looks so natural! :D

Here's how i apply it (taught by the SA):

Step 1: Dot the BB cream all around your face:

Step 2: Don't spread the cream by dragging it like how you would when you apply foundation! Instead, use gentle patting motions to spread and blend it into your skin:

Obviously you need to use both hands lah! But since i had to hold the camera in the other hand of mine, this pic shows one hand only! haha! :D

And you're done!! :D Personally, i would cup my hands over my face for a few seconds after the final step to warm it up and allow the cream to look more natural! :)

My $0.02:

Like i said in my Happy Happy Friday post, i'm reaaaaaally late to the BB cream game! But yeah, better late than never ya? :D

I got suckered into buying this because i was really impressed by this one when the SA tried it on my hand! Thankfully it did work on my face as well, otherwise i would be kicking myself for wasting money!! hahaha!! :D

When i first applied it on my face, i got a shock because it looked reaaaaaally white on my face! Thankfully, it did adjust itself to match my skintone as claimed by the SA! :D Phew!!

I love how natural this looks on my skin! My husband couldn't tell at all that i had this on at all (he has a sharp eye for foundations! lol!!)! I also love how it didn't make my face shiny for the entire day! :D

This is me after 9 hours:

Pardon the crappy lighting, but as you can see, my face is still quite matte! I did not blot or even wipe my face with tissue paper!! :D It's amazing!! :D

The only thing i didn't like about this one is that it can be abit drying if you don't use moisturizer underneath (but that could be my combi dry skin acting up!). I was afriad that this might make me shiny if i used a moisturizer + sunblock underneath so i skipped the former, but that proved to be a silly decision as it doesn't make my face shiny even if i put both underneath this! :D

Another thing that may irk some of you is that it only comes in one shade! :(

Since this is my very first BB cream, i can't say that it's my HG yet! I'm really keen to try out different ones now!! :D But i'll have to say that i really, really like this one and will definitely repurchase! :D

Psssst: This cream is going on sale at RM69.90 each now instead of RM79.90 at all TFS stores in Malaysia! This offer ends 31st Aug! :D

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  1. wow. I think TFS product price is a little steep (I think they hike their prices already?). BTW, does it has a strong fragrance in the BB cream? I know their other products smells really strong.. lol.

    but great review again! ;)

  2. That looks so dewy and perfect, like a good dupe for Clarins instant light complexion perfector, which is my HG it even has the same tube with pump - that's a sign! ;)

  3. So glad this worked for you, Jenn! I wrote about a BB cream yesterday on my blog that wasn't worth a repurchase. :( I'd try yours but the SPF20 unfortunately won't do in L.A weather.

  4. ooh!! your skin looks good but still very natural eh? ah, I've given up on BB creams. the colors just won't match my skin properly. :(

  5. Sue: yeah i actually gagged at the price lor! But what to do, kena "poisoned" di!! hehehe!! :D

    This one's pretty mild la the smell... disappears quickly too! :)

  6. su-pah: wow!! this may be a cheaper option for your high end Clarin's then!! like you say, even the pump is the same! hehehe!! :D

  7. Shopn'Chomp: oh what a shame!! I've heard many good things about the Shill BB Cream! :(

    SPF20 won't cut it here as well in hot humid Malaysia! :D I use a SPF50 underneath! hehehe!! :D

  8. Connie: yeah poor you!! I wish BB Cream makers would taker darker babes like you into consideration soon!! I know some are even too fair for me!! Crazy!! :P

  9. im in love with bb creams
    all the good properties it brings
    unlike minerals
    not only is it not harmful but its also beneficial!

    all hail to the koreans once again

    the only down thing i hate about bb creams is the shades!
    its either too fair or wrong undertones :(

  10. LyNn: icic!! I hope i can start to see the benefits from my BB cream soon!! :D

    I totally feel you on the last sentence!! :(

  11. the BB cream sure makes your skin looks more radiant :) It suits your skin tone just nice.
    lol @ the pic showing you applying BB cream. how cute!

  12. yay to you for wonderful looking skin! your skin is so pretty to start with (pre-bb cream) but girl, with bb cream, your skin looks even nicer! this one I haven't seen down here, I have to check this out, but I'm actually A - OK for the current bb cream that's HG to me...Skin 79 :)

  13. Shuu: yes it does!! I'm so in love with it! lol!! :D

    Ahahaha... glad you like that pic! :P

  14. Nikki: yeah you must check it out!! :D I love it to bits! hehehe! :D

    icic... i may have to check your HG one out!! Hope i can get it here! :(

  15. seems like a miracle cream...but what is a BB cream again? Im such a n00b..hehe...and does it work as a tinted mosturizer or something, for very little coverage?

  16. Hi Amanda! BB Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream... which they claim with long term use can "heal" the skin if you have acne and stuff. Yep you're right about the coverage part - most BB creams have sheer to medium coverage! :)

  17. great review! I have TFS BB Cream too, but it's not this one, I have one in TFS Quick and Clean BB Cream, and it's great, too.. ^^
    the oil control is so much better than Missha M BB Cream..

  18. Ceecile: icic... i think only the one i bought is available here!! But yours sound great too!! :D

  19. i lyke ur face in step 1!!! lol..its so cute..n it does look nice..but rm70 is a lil..erk~ (4 me la at least)

  20. wah i cnt believe u could still looked matte after 9 hrs!!!!! now i have totally stayed away from BB, most of them make me look oily, and just oxidize on me =/

  21. Kay: hahaha! Glad you like that pic! :P

    Yeah RM70 is also abit expensive for my liking lor! :(

  22. Xin: haha... maybe it's because i got combi dry skin also lah! :P

    icic... so sorry to hear that lor! I guess foundation does work better to keep those oilies at bay! :)

  23. hey jenn, missha bb cream is very good, am not sure if u can find it in penang, but it's the best among all that i've tried so far =)
    i got it from ikano

  24. icic!! Thanks for the recommendation!! Aiyo, so many BB creams to try, only one face!! haha!! :D

    Nope, no Missha for us Penang girls yet!! :(

  25. but seriously, im that kinda person who buys anything everything after others' long good reviews.
    im waiting for friend to bring back new bb cream from korea, saw some review from 'ladies first' taiwan beauty show. looks good!

    this is a good website to shop for their stuffs.

  26. 靖雯: icic!! :D i've caught glimpses of that show before, but never one full episode! :D

    Ahaha.. I'm easily swayed by rave reviews as well! :P

    Hope the BB cream is good for you too! :D

    And oh, thanks for sharing the website!! :D

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