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Product Review: My Beauty Diary Camellia Mask 我的美丽日记璀璨白金篇极润保湿面膜

At a Glance:
Price: RM6.50 (approx. US$1.76)
Weight: 30g
Made in: Taiwan
Likes: Moisturizes well, brightens face nicely! :D
Gripes: Sheet is a bit flimsy, not available locally!
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really likey!! :D


Product Description

English description (Taken from their website):

No additives, weak acid:
100% color additives-, fragrance-, mineral oil- and alcohol-free. Weak acid is close to the pH nature of skin so it provides skin comfort while using.

Japan-introduced mask material, fragrance and alcohol free:
Thi soft mask material fits close to your skin, making the essence enjoy better efficiency in absorption.

Serum extracted from Camellia and Camellia seeds:
Added with the serum extracted from camellia and camellia seeds; best selling in Japan for its highly effective moisturization and anti-oxidation; ideal for improving moisture retention of skin

Combined with high quality hyaluronic acid serum, helps maintain young, supple look with great moisture retention!

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is definitely "wetter" than the previous strawberry yoghurt and chocolate masks i've reviewed! This being fragrance free does not have any added fragrance, but it does have the typical "fragrance free" scent! :D


This mask is individually packed into a foil wrapping like your usual sheet masks. It also comes in a box of 10 i believe.

This mask is much thinner than the ones from the usual line, so i guess it does give a better fit.

However it is easily torn though, so be careful whilst using this! I tore mine pulling it upwards:

Time Test:
20-30 minutes, which is a little long laaa! :P

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at about 6.50 each, but can be cheaper or more expensive depending on seller. I bought mine from beauty_zone33 from There're lots of other sellers there as well!! I haven't seen this particular one in Guardian though, so i guess its not available there! :(

I use this mask for a quick moisture boost or to brighten my face! :D

My $0.02:

This is the third mask i used from my My Beauty Diary mask haul! :D

When i bought this one, i told myself that this BETTER work nicely because it costs double of what the regular masks from this brand is selling for! :D Thankfully it did deliver what it claimed, so i'm relieved! lol! :D

I like how this mask really brightens up my face! It moisturizes well too, so i can definitely see myself using this one after using the Aspirin Mask.

Here's how i look after using this:

The only thing i didn't like about this one is that the sheet is a little too thin, so it tears easily!! But since this works so well, i'm willing to overlook that flaw! lol! :D

Overall i think this is a great mask to add to your beauty regime! I'll definitely repurchase! :D

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  1. I had not seen this MBD mask yet until now. Thanks for the review!

  2. ahh i just pampered my skin with Xin Ji/My Scheming Mask on saturday!
    It was pearl extract and i think my scars are slightly lighten

  3. Shopn'Chomp: you're welcome!! :D

  4. LyNn: sounds great!! :D

    there're so many masks out there that i wanna try!! Xin Ji will be next i guess once i finished using all my MBD masks! :D

  5. You know what Jenn? Prettybeautiful sent me an apple mask from Beauty Diary..and i swear..its really nice!!!! I felt bad I didn't purchase any during my last HK trip!!! Maybe next time! I do love it! though I used only one sheet, Its really nice!

  6. wow nikki is in love with apple mask too! btw jenn yr face is really glowyyyyy *pinch pinch* i ran out of my diary mask already. now i am using all the tube mask only

  7. Nikki: wah!! It sounds really good!! :D :D I hope you can find it soon!! Else lemme know, and i can help you buy lah! :D

  8. Xin: hehe... you two make me wanna try the apple mask too!! But i gotta finish using my current stash first! lol!! :D

    Which tube mask are you using? :D

  9. I've never seen masks like these for sale in the UK. Must look harder. lol x

  10. WinterBlossom: oh icic!! They're quite hard to find locally even here! I had to buy it online! haha! :D

  11. hmm i have dermalogica mask, clarins cream mask, TBS honey oat, and airellis mask too. gosh, i better just stop buying till i clear the current stock

  12. Wah!! Banyaknye!! :S How do you find the dermalogica mask? :D

    Aiyo, you make me miss my TBS Honey Oat... i left it back in India!! haha!! :P


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