Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Happy Friday! :D

I finally had the mood to go shopping today, so shopping i went! :D

First i went to Watsons and Guardian to get my essential stuff:

From left: the Loreal Elseve Nutrigloss Lite shampoo, 2x Scholl blister prevention thingy, Scholl Party Feet gel pads, the Dettol hand sanitizer plus some unmentionables that im sure most of you would rather not see! lol! :D

I don't know if its the crazily humid and hot weather in Malaysia or have my sebaceous glands gone whack, but my hair is annoyingly oily nowadays! Hopefully the new Loreal shampoo will fix this for me! And oh, just in case you wanna buy the Scholl blister prevention thing, Guardian is slightly cheaper (by about 80 cents each if you must know!)! haha! XD

PSSSST: Guardian is selling the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask at RM39.88 currently! Whether you're an avid user or just wanting to try them out, now's the time to check them out or stockup! That's RM10 savings per box there! :D

Then i happened to pass by The Face Shop, and got suckered in by the SALE word! lol! :D I'm sooooo happy to annouce that their Imperial Herbs range are going at RM5.90 each now instead of the usual RM9.90! Abit irritated also lah, cuz i just bought one (thankfully one only!! :P) a week before their sale started, but nvm that!!

Here's what i got:

Yesh, i finally got myself my very first tube of BB cream!! Yep i'm a very late comer i know, but better late than never ya!! hehehe!! :D I'm really impressed by it when the sales girl tried it out on my hand, so i hope that it'll be the same on my face!! :D

Finallllllly, some of you may know that i was looking for a pair of black kitten-heeled pumps from my Twitter. I found it at Vincci! :D

... but its not really that kitten! hahaha! :P

And whilst i was shopping for other choices of black pumps, i saw that the very same pair of shoes that screamed at me to take it home just weeks earlier going at 50% off!! *hops around the room in joy*

Needless to say i brought it home with me...

... along with its green colored sister!! Shoooooo happy!!! hehehe!! :D

Ok that's all for now!! I'm so glad that the weekend is here already... can't wait to spend some quality time with the husband! You girls have a great weekend ahead too ya!! Take care! :D


  1. kitten pumps pretty! me like! i oso got, but ah, blister each time!

    how much liao ah the TFS BB? about rm50 or so right?

    i wan go buy scholl party feet heel liners! those feel much better than the leather ones!

  2. hahaha yeah... but this one's kinda soft!! Hopefully it doesn't give me blisters!

    The TFS BB cream is RM79.90, but now got sale so its RM69.90! :D

    Faster go buy the heel liners!! Go guardian cheaper huh!! 80 cents can buy 4 packets of tissue paper di! hahaha! XD

  3. the face shop having sales?
    weeee~ gonna drop by there on monday then
    no fun raiding etude house over and over again :P

  4. Ooohh SALE TIME! I love the word SALE!

    And the Vincci shoes you bought! I want to go back to Malaysia and go crazy with Vincci shoes! I bought 4 pairs the last time I was there 3 yrs ago!

  5. LyNn: yes, do check the shop out pronto! :D

    Do you have anything in mind that you wanna buy already? :D

  6. Nikki: you and i both!! But i guess our wallets don't though! hahaha! :D

    Wow... you bought 4 pairs!! You must really love shoes!! hehehe!! :D

  7. chickdowntown.com_ashleyAugust 9, 2009 at 12:42 AM

    Great shoes, love the look!

  8. Great haul! Love the shoes!

  9. i love the black pump! i bought a pair before but i hardly wear it coz they caused blisters like crazy

  10. very pretty shoes indeed - you're definitely set for christmas with the red and green.. :D loving the metallic sheen!

  11. LoL! same shoes in dif colors... u're a typical shopaholic! haha

  12. Ashley: thank you!! Yeah they're really pretty!! hehehe!! :D

  13. gio: thank you! I love them too!! hehehe!! :P

  14. xin: yeah most shoes give me blisters too cuz of my broad feet! That's why i gotta buy those scholl things!! hahaha! :P

  15. beetrice: ahahaha now why didn't i think of that!! The colors are definitely christmasy!! hehehe!! :D

  16. Janice: woopsss... i hope my husband doesn't see this!! haha! :P

  17. aww great haul and great shoes. I need scholl stuff too and yes "sale" word makes me go into my frenzy mood too :P

  18. great haul!

    I need to try BB cream some time as well... everyone's using it!

    Have a great week!

  19. Marjo: awww... thanks!! :D i can't live without those scholl thingies, and yes, the SALE word makes us do silly things huh! hahaha! :P

  20. Toothfairynotes: yes, you must try it out someday!! I'm so glad that i did... i'm loving my tube now!! heheeh!! :D

    You have a great week too!! :D


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