Monday, August 10, 2009

Product Review: The Face Shop Imperial Herbs - Qi (Energy) Mask Sheet Red Ginseng & Cnidium Officinale (A Mask Sheet to Improve Elasticity)

Ps: Mondays will be Masking Mondays from now on, since i've acquired quite abit of sheet masks since i got back from India! lol! In order to force myself to use each and every one of them, i will review one mask every monday! :P Wish me luck and perseverance that i can actually stick to this!! hahaha!! :P

At a Glance:
Price: RM9.90 (approx. US$2.68)
Weight: 20ml / 0.67 Fl. Oz.
Made in: Korea
Likes: Moisturizes and brightens face really well, lasting results! :D
Gripes: Expensive!
Repurchase: Yes!! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Near HG Stuff! :D


Product Description

This mild, essence-type, all natural cotton mask sheet is concentrated with Red Ginseng and Cnidium Officinale extracts to regulate energy and make skin more supple.

What is herbal therapy? Used to help regulate a person's energy, blood circulation, ying, yang, and spirit, our solution is drawn from on an ancient imperial prescription of five medicinal herbs that include twinleaf and asparagus root extracts, to revitalize and hydrate skin.

Benefits of Red Ginseng:

  • Provides strength and energy
  • Saponins in Red Ginseng help even out facial contours and soften skin
Benefits of Cnidium Officinale:

  • Promotes and improves circulation
  • Revitalizes and nourishes skin

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask isn't as wet as your usual sheet masks, so it doesn't drip! There's a very slight sticky feel after you remove this mask, but that disappears quickly. This one smells faintly of ginseng! :D


This mask is individually packed into their respective foil packs and is sold by the piece.

This mask fits my face well except for the mouth part... i don't think anybody has such a large mouth (bar Steven Tyler)! lol!!

Time Test:
15-20 minutes is all you need! :)

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at RM9.90 each and is available at all The Face Shop outlets. For girls in the US, you can get this at Walgreens at 2 for US$5.

Since this one is a little expensive, i use it as a treat once in a while! :D

My $0.02:

I can't believe i haven't reviewed this mask before! :D

I personally love this mask from the very first time i tried it 2 years ago and have repurchased countless times! :D

I love how this one doesn't drip, yet it moisturizes and gives me such a beautiful glow!! The effect lasts a few days too!!

This is how i look after using this mask:

Ahaha... excuse my shiny face as my face is still tacky from the essence! The gloomy weather's not helping either! lol!! In real life, my face's glowy, soft, and my colleagues always notice it whenever i use this mask!! That's how good this is!! lol!! :D

All in all i'll definitely repurchase... just not so often as it's quite expensive! :P I'll definitely stock up if i ever get to go to Korea! hahaha!! :P

ps: sadly, this gave one of my colleagues the zits, so if you're acne prone, please do a patch test first!!

PSSSST: This mask is going for RM5.90 currently at all TFS stores in Malaysia!! This offer is valid until 31st Aug, so go stock up already! :D

Read my reviews on the other masks in this range:
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  1. i bought one of them to try last nite after reading tht is rm5.90 from here!!! i bought the revitalize one and loved it! its moisture enough yet not drippy. :D :D going to stock up a few more pcs on wednesday! i want to buy one each to see which works best

  2. hehehe glad you liked it Xin!! Me loves them too!! :D

    thinking of stocking up somemore... i wanna try their fruit range one! :P

  3. hey cute girl even with mask on! :) You made me want to give this a try, would you believe that I never believe there are any HG material for facial masks??? Now you made me change my mind! I may have to try this "almost HG" stuff for you :) thanks for the review!

  4. You're most welcome Nikki!! Go give it a try and see if you like it or not!! :D who knows, this might be your "almost HG" too!! hehehe! :D

  5. kudos to the sales!
    i wonder if there's anything else worth buying from tfs
    the last time they had this sale
    i raided loads of nail polishes :P

  6. Jenn, your skin looks so dewy! I am looking forward to your mask reviews every Monday! :)

  7. Hi, I love the result, unfortunately where I'm from it's tough to get ahold of these kinda masks.
    Then again, I recently discovered Cyoool!

    Btw, please check my blog, I've awarded you. Hope you're able to do the tag. :)

  8. Shopn'Chomp: awww... thank you!! It's all thanks to this wonderful mask! :D

    And thank you so much for the support!! I hope i'm able to do this consistently!! hehehe!! :D

  9. su-pah: icic!! i can help you buy them if you want!! hehehe!! :D

    Hehehe... what have you bought from the website so far? :D We have the Sasa store here, but their SAs scare me to death so i don't go in there unless i absolutely have to! lol!! :D

    And awww... thank you so much for the award!! I'm really honoured!! I won't be doing this just because i have been tagging the same ol people for the past few tags!! If i tag them again i think they will ostracise me! hahaha!! jk! XD

  10. LyNn: yeah now why didn't i think of that...i love their nailpolishes!! :D

    You can check out their BB cream too... i've been using it since i bought it and i love it to bits!! :D

  11. Hi! Have been reading your blog for quite a bit. i think you have very nice skin, regardless!
    Btw i so love sheet mask too. very convinient. looking forward to mondays now =) keep it up!

  12. Awww thank you so much girl!! My skin is generally alright, but can be dry and "bumpy" if i do not take care of it! :D

    i love sheet masks too... they're kinda therapeutic to use!! :D See you every Monday now! thanks for the support! hehehe!! :D

  13. you've got great skin! heart your blog!

  14. Thanks for the compliment MelRoXx!! :D

  15. can you help? seriously?
    from i got some ponds eye creams and palantgong theatrical makeup and the pressed powder form.

    You're welcome re the award and I totally understand. ;)

  16. Hey! Great review. I bought a bunch of masks from The Face Shop yesterday too (there's a store in Sunnyvale, CA which is about 20 min from my house), and I used the Pearl one yesterday. The instructions say to leave it on for 15-20 min then rub in remaining product into your skin. So does that mean you just leave it on and don't wash it off? I washed mine off after a few hours because it felt sticky and I was afraid it would clog my pores, but are you supposed to? What do you do? Thanks!

  17. su-pah: yep i can!! hehehe!! Shoot me an email on what you want ok (you can goto the website and see). But hurry, since the sale is ending at the end of this month! :)

    Lemme know how the powder worked for you k!! I've been hearing so many wonderful things about that one! :D

  18. Tina: yes, i don't wash it off. I just massage the remaining essence on my face and goto bed. Yeah it can be abit sticky for awhile, but i know it's worth it! haha! :P

    Maybe you can use it before bedtime, then goto sleep after that, so that the stickiness doesn't bother you? :D

  19. Sure thing Jenn! I'm right on it. Hope they ship to the UK! :S

  20. Hmmm... there's no shopping cart on the website! :(

    Lemme know if you want anything... ;)


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