Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And i'm off to Indiyah again!

I'll be going back to India in abit, and back in 5 days' time! I might not have any internet connection between this period of time, so please bear with interrupted transmission meanwhile ya! :D

Don't worry, there'll still be scheduled posts to keep you entertained while i'm gone! :D

So this is it, wish me a safe trip... and no H1N1 for me!! hahaha! XD

ps: should have posted this yesterday to bring "Masking Mondays" to a whole new level, lol!! :D

p.ps: am i wearing it correctly btw? Which side is the front?! >.<


  1. you are wearing it correctly..LOL after I checked with my hubby, coz I remembered using this almost the whole day when I was at the hospital with mom!

    Enjoy you're trip! thanks in advance for the scheduled post! you look too cute!

  2. you're too cute!

    cool! you'll be back for good! :D

  3. Nikki: hehehe thanks!! Cuz they didn't state which side is the front (or maybe it doesn't matter)! hehe!! :D

    Thanks girl! i hope to pack up my stuff asap so that i can unwind and chill! haha! :D

  4. Connie: yeah!! It's a great feeling to be back home for good!! :D

  5. So fast?! Have a safe trip back! :)

  6. Yeah!! But i'm not complaining ya!! hahah! :P

    Thank you!! Can't wait to be home! :D

  7. You look so cute! Enjoy your trip!

  8. ok..1st thing 1st..yup,the mask is worn correctly..but i suggest u use the wired part to mould to ur nosebridge for better comfort.

    2ndly..blue is front

    3rdly..the mask cn only protect for less than 6 hours n then is to be discarded

    4thly..the mask DOES NOT protect you frm others..instead,protects others frm u..if u wan one dat protects you..u nid the white colored one that's stiff (n more suffocating) w the label N95 on it..n dat is RM6/mask n can only last u upto 12 hours only..afterwards its just structurally a soggy lump of white mass w no protection watsoever

    since i hav 2 wear this daily in d hosp..dats y i knw these stuff..huhu..n i HATE wearing em..isk~

  9. Kay: thank youuuuuuuuuuuu for your confirmation Dr!!! Big hug for you!! :D

    Pity you la!! I wore the mask for less than 10 minutes and i felt so suffocated already!! >.<


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