Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something somethings plus a teeeeeeeeeny review on MAC Colour Craft! :)

My parents need to goto KL last Thursday for a last minute business trip, so i get to tag along! Very very happy to finally get to hit the malls in KL... after like, 11 years? (I'm serious!!!) lol!! :D

The first place i went to was Lot 10! Needless to say, i made a beeline to the MAC counter in Isetan once i spotted it! :) I was sooooooo elated to manage to get the Sun Rush Lustredrop from there (the last one!! :D)!!

I got the Rags to Riches dazzleglass as well! :D

I must say that i got the most excellent service from the MA named Chloe!! I asked about the Colour Craft collection and was told that it'll launch on the 16th. But the very next day, i received a phone call from her saying that the collection is out already!! I didn't even ask her to call me! Very very happy! :D


That night, i went over to The Curve! The first place i went to was...


Have heard so many things about this RM5 store that i had to check it out myself!! :D I didn't get to spend alot of time in there, but i got these:

Makeup wedges and storage separators! :D

Anddddddddddddd, guess who i met?? :D

The most adorable Miss Plue!! :D Gosh my face looks gigantic beside hers... T_T

Gotta thank her so much for her patience with me!! My schedule was so uncertain that day, but she waited for me!! Not only that, she got me these:

So many goodies!! :D :D

Thank you so much hun!! :D


And ohhh, how can forget these:

Ikea meatballs!! OMG they're really sooooooooooooo good!!! *salivates* :D~~~~


Went over to MidValley the next day! I manage to catch...

The Kiehls guys!! lol!! :D


And oh, i'm amazed that Silkygirl actually have their own store now!!


Finally, my teeeeeeeeny review on the MAC Colour Craft collection:


lol!! Just kidding!

Personally, i find the face products a huge let down! The MSFs and the MBs were not as smooth as i'd imagine them to be! Some where exceptionally glittery with below par pigmentation, so i skipped everything! :(

Truth be told, the MESes and the lip products are pretty decent actually!! So don't write off the whole collection as yet if you like eye and lip stuff! Go check them out in person and see! :D

I apologize for not having any swatches for this collection this round!! Not keen on my parents asking me what on earth am i doing applying lipstick on my arm! lol!! XD Check out swatches from this collection here!! :D

Andddd, if you missed out on the 226 brush earlier, you MUST get it this time!! It's amazing!! hahaha!! :D The 131 is alright, its quite soft, but i wished it was bigger!

So, out of everything in the collection, i only got this:

The 131 brush!! :D

So there was my weekend!! I sure had tons of fun, and i hope yours was too!! ;) Have a great week ahead people! :D


  1. so cool! you girls met up!!! i didnt know silky girl got a store too. their biz must be good eh?

  2. awww both you and Plue looks so pretty and fresh!!!! Love the post! I enjoyed reading about how you girls met and how nice it is for bloggers to meet up :)

  3. Xin: yeah!! Thanks to Plue for her patience!! lol!! :D

    Yeah i guess Silkygirl must have doing pretty well to have their own store! :D

  4. Nikki: yes it is indeed!! Always nice to meet up with like minded beauty addicts!! hehehe!! :D

    Thank you for your kind words!! haha!! :D

  5. i am like half asleep with my small little eyes T_T

    and ur face! where got big!!!

  6. Big face? *LOL* What big eyes you have!
    Heh... I just went to Daiso with hubby on Sunday! How come you didn't go to KL on your own after all these years leh? Mm... Hope I'll have a chance to visit Lot 10.

  7. wow!! :D LOL. Btw, how much is that 130 ar? hahahaha

    So envy la. I havent seen Daiso myself yet. T_T

  8. plue: lol!!! where got la!! You're so cute that i wanna pinch your cheeks!! hehehe!! :D

  9. Cath: i got put eyeliner + eyeshadow mah... of course big lah!! hahaha!! XD

    i didn't get to goto KL all these years as my parents think that its dangerous for me to go alone lor... even now also same! lol!! :D Lot 10 is very small, but it's near to Pavillion which is bigger? lol! But i recommend going to Lot 10 la if you wanna go MAC... no comment on the service at MAC Pavillion... >.<

  10. Sue: the 131 is RM160! :)

    Don't worry la, it took me 11 years to goto KL again, so you're definitely not late at all! lol!!

  11. cool that you got to meet up with plue!

    That 131 brush looks quite tempting indeed. and very unique too. and yay! you got the lustre drop! I expect more glowy skin FOTDs from you ;)

    I caved for a Color Craft MSF. first time in Connie history >.<

  12. owh how sweet of plue
    haha i hope to meet her one day
    and yup
    who can ever resist

  13. Connie: yeah its all made possible by Plue!! lol!! :D

    Personally i'm still on the fence with the 131 la... haven't used it but hopefully it'll turn out fine!!

    And oh!! That's definitely the first time for you!! :D You got cheeky Bronze?? :D

  14. LyNn: yesh, plue is the bestest!! haha!! :D you MUST meet her!! :D

    aiyo, don't say already... i'm salivating now just thinking about it!!! Yummmmm!! :D~~~

  15. hi....
    i would like to ask what does the lustre drop for?

  16. Hi PiNk pRiNcEss! The lustredrop can be mixed into your foundation for an all over glow, or blended into the cheeks as a highlighter! :)


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