Thursday, July 2, 2009

Silkygirl Magic BB Cream SPF25 PA++

Saw this at Guardian earlier:

The all new Silkygirl Magic BB Cream! :)

Here're the swatches for all of you! The thick stripe on the left is straight out of the tube, and the one beside it is how it looks like when somewhat blended! :)

I would say that the coverage for this one is sheer to medium. As with most BB creams the color selection sucks, as you can see, there're only two shades available - one yellow based (01 Natural) and one pink based (02 Radiant). I'm NC20-25, and it goes without saying that 01 Natural is a better match for my skin tone!!

This one retails for RM29.90 (but is currently on sale at Guardian at RM24.88)! 25ml for that price (and Silkygirl standards) is a little pricey, but try it out for yourself and see if you like it or not! :)

Have you seen this in person yet? How do you like it? :D


  1. Didn't know Silkygirl's doing BB creams now too :P What do you think of the texture? Is it greasy?

  2. Yeah!! i'm surprised too!! :D

    This cream spreads smoothly, but as with most BB creams, it is slightly thicker than the usual liquid foundations la. I didn't wear it long enough for it to turn greasy, lol... but it felt alright on my hand!!

    HTHs! :D

  3. hmmm... dunno la. I have little to no confidence in Silky's face products :-/

  4. Nice swatch :) But I think it's really drying and RM29 for that tiny tube? Pfft.

  5. Connie: *whispers* me tooo... but i did try out their pressed powder a few years ago and kinda liked it! :D

  6. hammit: thanks for your input!! :D i do agree that it's a little pricey for that miniscule amount!!

  7. silky girl is a brand for school girl....seriously its so cheapskate that if u try the 2 way cake powder or any pressed powder by the end of the day u'll get very oily face.and if u take picture,ur face looks so shining like the but serious

    their lipgloss will dry out ur lips so badly even its claim to have vitamin E
    the quality of their nail colour b4 was good but now not anymore.its thick and difficult to apply.

    i like their glitters pencil liner but however u have to twist ,and often the pencil rosak after u twist few times.

    basically the made for school girl market i think

  8. Icic... sorry to hear that you don't have good experiences with their products!! :(

    Which brand are you using now? :D

  9. The BB cream's coverage is really good... Do give it a try... But frankily speaking, it's for very very fair girls. I'm fair.... But it still looks too white on my face.

  10. Thanks for sharing anon!! It's good to hear a plus point for this one!!

    Yeah i think its really fair too... definitely not for me!! :(

  11. i bought this , and took natural.

    i have fair skin. would this make my face ok? gah, it's RM31..==

    also, what should i do after that? should I put on face powder?

  12. bought the radiant one! i like the texture plus its an oil free product.. im a sucker for oil free products haha. but sadly like most of you,its too fair for me aswell :( but its good it did not break me out or anything :))


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