Monday, July 20, 2009

Short hiatus...

Some of you may know that my husband has been hospitalized since yesterday for suspected dengue. His blood test came back negative for that, but he's still in the hospital for furhter observation until he gets better.

So in the meanwhile, i do apologize for not having the time to reply to your comments and emails! Rest assured that i will once the husband has been discharged from the hospital! There'll still be scheduled posts so don't worry!! :D

Health is really wealth, and all the money in the world can't buy that!! Please take care everyone! :)


  1. hey, sweetie. So sorry to hear about your husband. I'm sure he'll get better soon. Thank goodness it wasn't dengue. You take care too yeah?

  2. hey girl.
    take good care of yourself too k?
    so sorry to hear what happened to your husband.
    hope he gets well soon too.

  3. Hi.. Sorry about your husband, I hope he gets well soon. I hope it is not a serious problem.. take care..

  4. i hope yr hubby will get well soon! its miserable to have dengue. i kena dengue some years ago and gosh, i couldn't go to sch for 2 weeks. about a week of torture in hospital having my blood tested 2x a day. i have no idea how i killed time then without internet or gaming console.

  5. oh no, just reading about hospitals and loved ones getting sick, makes me feel sad....goodluck, I hope your hubby gets well asap!!!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he'll get better soon!

  7. Thanks so so much for you well wishes girls!! I really appreciate them so much!!

  8. hi,
    it seems that lots of ppl suffer from high fever and it's noy H1N1 or dengue...
    after a while.. it'll be fine.. don't worry so much
    wish ur hubby get well soon

  9. Thanks alot for the well wishes jessteong! Yeah i hope he gets well soon so that we can go whack tom yam bee hom again!! hahaha!! :D


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