Thursday, July 23, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptints Swatches

Here're the swatches for all 4 Liptints from Revlon! :D

Without Flash:

With Flash:

They should just make these liptints as lipsticks since they're quite pigmented!! lol!! :D They have a rather sweet smell too, so do check it out first if you do not like heavily fragranced products! :D

These go for RM32 each and should be available at all Revlon sections of your local Watsons / Guardian / Supermarket! :D

Ps: check out the reviews for this product by these girls:


Credit: Product photo from


  1. I want Rosy! :D Nude looks nice too but they don't have the shade here

  2. Yeah!! Kinda bummed that there are only 4 shades available here!! :(

  3. Love the colors. I think because of how pigmented my lips are, I would still choose the berry one.

    As a side note, for some reason only the latest post is showing for me. I didn't have this problem earlier today. Hope it's just my computer!

  4. Kaoru: icic!! Yeah the colors are beautiful! Didcha get the berry one then? :D

    Thanks for letting me know!! That happens sometimes to me when the connection's slow. Try refreshing the page and see? I hope that solves the problem! :)

  5. Love the colors, they look pretty and quite pigmented!

  6. gio: yeah they're really pigmented for a lipbalm! :D

    Are you gonna get any? :D

  7. i think the deep berry will look great for my mom. and price is quite ok too. i am not quite a lipstick person, i am a gloss person!

  8. icic!! :D

    Yeah im a gloss person too!! In fact, i didn't own any lipsticks until a year or so back! :D

  9. thahnks for the link! :) I think the Pink looks great with your skintone...ever thought of giving it a try? ;)

  10. You're most welcome Beetrice! :)

    I'm definitely tempted, but i passed because i hardly ever use tinted balms! Hrm... maybe these can replace my lipstick once in a while... :D


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