Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Product Review: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

At a Glance:
Price: Rs. 360 (approx. RM29.39 / US$8.16)
Website: Maxfactor.com.au
Weight: 9ml
Made in: Ireland
Likes: Does not clump or smudge, holds curls well, lengthens like crazy!
Gripes: Doesn't really volumize, not available in Malaysia
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars! Me Likey! :D


Product Description
Up to 300% dramatic lash volume mascara.Feast your eyes.Want drama? Make your lashes triple the volume with this ultra volumising mascara. Its bodybuilding formula fattens even the thinnest of lashes and gives them up to 300% volume instantly! With no need for primers, the first application stays touch proof and smudge proof for as long you need it to, but quickly and easily wipes away with a gentle eye make-up remover, so even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can enjoy a fuller flutter!

Actual Product Pic:

Color & Pigmentation:
I got the one in Black, which is a really pigmented jet black! There's a brown one available as well.

Texture & Scent:
The texture of this mascara is quite light, so it coats well. I love how it doesn't clump even if you pile on 3 layers! This mascara has a light "mascara scent", but it's pretty mild! :)


I noticed that the one sold in India is packaged differently from the one in US. One thing i noticed over here is that all mascaras do not come with a plastic wrap, so you won't be sure if your tube is completely new!! *tears hair out*

The mascara wand is fatter than the usual ones, but it's pretty easy to use!

Time Test:
This mascara held up for the entire day i had it on and did not smudge nor flake!! Amazing!! :D

Price & Availability:
This mascara costs Rs. 360 (approx RM29.39 / US$8.16), which is quite affordable! :) This mascara should be available at all Max Factor counters!

This mascara looks really natural on me, so it's great for everyday wear! :D

My $0.02:
This mascara seems really popular - it's always out of stock over here!! I had to visit the counter a few times before i got lucky! lol!

The claim of giving 300% more volume to your lashes is a lofty one indeed!! While this mascara gave my lashes crazy length, it did NOT volumize much actually! So length + no volume = sparse looking lashes! lol!! Still, it's a pretty decent mascara because it doesn't clump, and it looks really natural! :D

Ok enough talking, here're pictures for you to see:

This is my natural lashes, curled:

1 coat of this mascara:

As you can see, it lengtens and defines my lashes nicely!

2 coats of this mascara:

It still looks natural here! :D

3 coats of this mascara:

My lashes are a little volumized and lenthened quite a bit! hehehe!! :D

So all in all, methinks that this is a quite decent mascara for natural everyday wear! If you're looking for volume, look elsewhere! :P

Read what the other girls have to say about this mascara:


Credits: Product photo from Maxfactor.com.au


  1. thanks for the review, I would expect thicker lashes though because of it's name! But the length is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. You're welcome Nikki!! Like you, i was expecting more volume too!! :(

    But yeah, the length is amazing!! hahaha!! :D

  3. it gave me more volume than length. weird huh? But I could only like this mascara for 2 months cuz it dries up so quickly!! now I prefer mascaras that hold up curls

  4. Hmmm... maybe it had something to do with yours being a different packaging?? lol!!

    I find that MF mascaras dry up really quickly!!! All 3 of mine are gone already!! >.<

  5. look at the length man!!! but i suck with mascara, my lashes always end up looking like spidey legs :( :(

    hate ittttt. and not to forget, they are stick straight, and short...

  6. Xin: yeah the length is mad right?! lol! :D

    Hmmm... i think spider legs are caused by the mascara formula la!! I get that too with the Maybelline Sky High Curves!! >.<

    Ahaha... my lashes are stick straight too!!

  7. I really like Max Factor mascaras!

  8. icic!! Which are your favourites? :D

  9. I tried this years ago... but I wasn't into makeup very much then. So yah... wasted my $$$ since I allowed it to dry up.
    Anyway, my MAC haul finally arrived! I'm returning typographic cos it's really like carbon. Steamy is much greener and brighter than I expected!
    Loverush (liver red!) and Fleur Power (bright coral) are really quite pigmented! I suspect they'll look okay but I'll need to be very light handed.
    Studio Sculpt is great! It's like a cream! I'll test it out tomorrow. Realise the coverage is so good, I look strange with perfectly even skin tone! =P Almost as if the shade is too light (NC25) but I know it's not.
    Oh yah! And I tried the Cleansing Oil. Yes, very nice orange/citrus scent. Wish it was as thick as the Fancl one though. Mm... not sure if I'll repurchase. If I do fall in love with the scent, I will. If not, I'll probably stick with Fancl! ^_^

  10. Cath: icic... still not too late to give it a whirl!! hehe!! :D

    Thanks for the review girl!! I gotta check typographic out then, since i don't have carbon! :D Guess you need to use a skunk brush with the pigmented blushes you got!! :D

    Ahaha okok... lemme know how you like the studio sculpt!! It's still not launched here yet!! >.<

    icic... yeah i really like the orangey scent from the cleanse off oil!! :D Hmm... in terms of cleansing power, which one is better? MAC or Fancl? I don't have Fancl here :(

  11. I found the formula a tad dry though, like the mascara has dried out on me even though I just bought it. But then again, it could just be my mascara. Still it's weird, because it was sealed when I bought it. Reckon it could be an old one which I bought. Shucks.

  12. Tine: icic!! Hmmm... that's really strange!!

    But then again Max Factor mascaras dry out really quickly, so that may be the reason!!


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