Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid & Powder Foundations and Healthy Natural Luminous Blush Swatches

Had nothing to do the other day, so i wandered into Watsons to check out the not-so-new now Clear Smooth Minerals range from Maybelline!! :D

Let's start with the Liquid Foundation! :D

From left: C02 Rose White, N02 Shell Beige, W02 Natural Buff, W03 Apricot Sand

It goes on really lightweight and it blends into your skin beautifully! I'm so impressed by it that I even bought a tube! haha :P

Review coming soon once i've tested it out tomorrow, I've changed my mind about how i feel about this one, so stay tuned!

This liquid foundation goes for RM28.90 each! :)

Next, let's look at the powder foundation:

From left: N00 Very Light Ochre, P01 Light Pink Ochre, N01 Buff, OC1 Light Ochre, W02 Natural Ochre, C02 Rose White

Personally i find them reaaaaaaaally yellow!! Even the pink shade looks yellow on me!! *slaps forehead* I also find them drying and a little hard to blend! DO NOT apply this with your fingers!! You'll just get streaks that don't budge on your face!! Use a kabuki to buff it in instead!! lol!! :P

This powder foundation goes for RM49.90 each!

Lastly, let's look at the blushes!! :D

w/o Flash:

From left: C01 Gentle Pink, N00 Soft Mauve, N01 Original Rose, W01 True Peach

w/ Flash:

From left: C01 Gentle Pink, N00 Soft Mauve, N01 Original Rose, W01 True Peach

I personally think that they're pretty good!! They're pigmented and finely milled! The only complaint i have is that the color choices are limited, and N01 and W01 looks almost the same!!

Both the blush and powder foundation come with a kabuki brush that's kinda scratchy!! Toss it away and use a softer and fluffier one!! lol!! :D

That's all for this range!! How'dya find them products?? :D

Ps: Need more swatches / reviews? Check these out!

All 3 products: Connie @ Tongue in Chic
The Powder Foundation: Plue
The Blushes: Paris

Photo credit: Product picture from Tongue in Chic


  1. I feel the same, i find it hard to find the right shade, I have this line too and I am currently trying it out too! can't wait to read your thoughts on them :D

  2. ahaha Hi5!! I only have the Liquid Foundation... and the review comes tomorrow so stay tuned!! hehehe!! :D

  3. Not a fan of Maybelline, but I always get suckered into buying some of their stuff which end up disappointing me anyway. Didn't like the liquid mineral - made me look like a grease ball, and I'm not even oily!!

  4. apparently their mineral range aren't exactly minerals
    not pure minerals
    which means that it might not be really good for the skin like lumiere or edm
    beware ya

  5. ditto... was so disappointed with the mineral LF... it seemed so promising at first! :(

  6. LyNn: yeah sadly that's the case with commercialized brands trying to go "mineral"! :(

  7. can't wait to see ur review! i have the true peach blush and it is actually gorgeous (not as i expected!!). it shows up as a very natural but slightly bright pop of fresh peach, i love it!

  8. P-ham: my review for the liquid foundation is up! ;)

    icic... True Peach sounds wonderful on you!! :D


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