Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Swatches! :D

Warning: picture heavy!

I managed to swatch this collection today, so here are them swatches for all of you! :D

Let's start with the MSFs! The swatches for the 3 striped MSFs were swatched in this order: Left stripe, middle stripe, Right stripe, and all swirled together! :D

Next are the Mineralize Blushes! :D

Ok before we go on i'd like to clarify something! I know i said the face products from this collection were glittery and have below par pigmentation for some earlier! But when i swatched the MSFs and MBs today, they were buttery smooth and rather pigmented!!! I'm really confused as to how the SAME product can feel SO DIFFERENTLY!! :S *whispers: now i feel some of them calling my name... gulps*




Hope that helps some of you who're looking!! :D

What'dya think about this collection? Didcha buy anything? :D


  1. oh! u do know how much i bought :P

    and damn, PP and TF? how???

  2. yesh i know!! ;)

    Go try la!! But i also like PP leh!! die la!! hahaha!! :P

    *chants dontthinkaboutit, dontthinkaboutit, dontthinkaboutit....*

  3. omg, i can't wait to check it out!! Eccentricity looks good...

    oh no... Nononnono.. must....n..not..bbbuy..

  4. Aly: yeah!! Methinks that the shadows are definitely worth a look! :D

    Are you on a shopping ban?? hehehe! :D

  5. Porcelain Pink looks almost exactly like my Light Flush MSF when applied. So, I guess I'm good for now!

  6. OMG I agree on you with this collection! They apply buttery smooth and the colors are so gorgeous!
    I've bought some, but I feel like buying more. Tsk tsk..there goes my money!!

  7. Connie: icic!! PP was really calling out to me then... MUST. RESIST!!! T_T

  8. @Ddy: lol... MAC has a way of getting to us and our wallets right? :D

    What didcha get? :D

  9. Is Assemblage good enough to create black smoky eyes? I have always wanted a palette for smoky eyes...

    I love this collection too! you have any idea when is the collection arriving in Pg?

  10. queenyee: Yeah the color combi definitely works, but honestly i feel that the texture for Assemblage is not that good, especially the black shade - it goes on a little chalky!

    I believe this collection should be available in Penang by Saturday. Do call them up first before you go to avoid a wasted trip ya!! :D

    Which items are you getting? :D

  11. I ady got Fad Dabulous and Style and Demon. I asked someone to help me buy though, as Im in Indonesia now. I heard that Style and Demon is gorgeous ;) Maybe I will get Daft Pink too and Smooth Merge. Can I use Smooth Merge for blusher ?

  12. Meri: icic!! lemme know how you like your loots ya! :D

    Hmmm... i think it does show up as a blush, but i think its best layered over another blush!! :D

  13. ok ;) I cant wait to get it too :p
    Actually what MSF use for ? highlighter ? I have MSF but the natural one :)And btw what do u think about Daft Pink, Hand Finish and Improvise ? Do they too shimmery and do not show any shade/color as blusher usually does ?

  14. MSFs are usually used as highlighters, but you can use it on your eyes too as eyeshadow! The MSFs are different from the MSF Natural though, the latter is used for foundation!! :D

    The 3 colors you mentioned are lovely!! Yes they're on the sheer and shimmery side (especially improvised and Hand-Finish), so do check them out first before buying! :)

  15. Thanks for helping me =)Hope Daft Pink, Hand Finish and Improvise will suit my skin tone :p
    Btw from ur bring back list, MAC Shy Beauty Beauty Powder Blush, u can get it in They ship world wide =)

  16. You're most welcome Meri!! :D I hope they look lovely on you too!! :D

    Thanks for the tip!! Yah i know but theirs do not have a box and the blush have scratches! :(


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