Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happiness is...

... receiving stuff in the mail:

...which i got from ebay at an amazing price! :D

Cloze up:

MAC Dame Edna High-light Powder in What a Dame! :D

Now my Spectacle! is not lonely anymore!! :D

Wheeeeee!! Uber Happy now!! :D

Tips for buying stuff off Ebay:

1. Always check the seller's rating! Beware of sellers with a alot of bad ratings (eg. people complaining about not receiving the item from seller / item is grossly misrepresented / etc)! Personally i won't transact with sellers whose positive rating is less than 98%.

2. Not everything on Ebay is cheap! Some are just outrageously priced. Always shop around for the best deals!

3. Beware of fakes! Always buy from sellers who offer money back guarantee on authenticity issues!

4. Do check the shipping charges before purchasing / bidding on the item. There are unscrupulous sellers out there who charge crazy amounts for shipping. It's simply NOT worth it!

5. If the seller offers insurance, take it! Most sellers will not be responsible for missing / damaged items if you do not purchase insurance. The extra dollar or two is well worth the headache you don't have to go through! :D

6. Always opt for shipping methods which can be traced. Items lost in post is not that common, but it can happen (especially with dishonest sellers who claim that they have posted the item out but you never recevied it!)!

I hope this helps some of you who're new to shopping on Ebay! :D Shopping on Ebay can be a fun thing to do, but it may also bring you unnecessary worry and frustrations if you're not careful! Just bear these tips in mind, and everything should go smoothly! Feel free to share more Ebaying tips with everybody too so that we can learn together!! :D


  1. congrats! finally u got it! :D :D :D

    i doubt i will ever wanna buy from ebay, i am such a scary cat!

  2. I bought a limited edition Smashbox Tokidoki eyeshadow palette from eBay once. Another purchase would be something from Revlon, I think. And ... that's it! I buy a lot of crap from eBay, just not much makeup :)

  3. Plue: yeah!! very fast lor... just 10 days after 1 won the auction i got it liao! :D

    Yeah.. actually ebay can be a scary place if not careful!

  4. Tine: awww you got the Tokidoki one!! It's soo adorable!! :D

    Looks like you're one experienced ebayer!! hehehe!! :D

  5. wow congratulations! I never bought anything MAC related on Ebay!!! Now you made me want to!!!!

  6. Great eBay tips! You're right. It's fun to shop on there but one needs to be careful too. :)

  7. wow!! it is so so pretteh!!! how to have the heart to use it awwwww <3

    p/s: great tips about ebay!

  8. Nikki: Ebaying is funnnn... especially when you get (MAC) things at a steal!! hahaha!! :D :D

  9. Shopn'Chomp: yeah you're absolutely right!! Just be careful and everything should be fine! :D

  10. Xin: yalah!! I don't have the heart to rub off the overspray yet!! hehehe!! :P

  11. I don't have the heart to use my Spectacle! too T_T it's too pretty... and it lives prettily in its pretty box. I'd sell it but not much value :-/ only $24 max. MSFs are a different story! so yeah, I dunno what to do with my Spectacle. hahaha

  12. Ahahaha... you can be like me!! Take it out once in a while, admire it, then put it back carefully into the box!! XD XD XD

  13. Oh that is pretty. Love the stars.

    Say, do you use your credit card when you pay? Or Paypal? Just wondering which is safer. I am so afraid of using my card online.

    Thanks and congrats on Dame Edna!


  14. Hi abby! :D

    Awww... thank you!! I love my dame edna powders too!! :D

    I used my credit card through Paypal! I believe Paypal is pretty safe!! I've used my card dozens of times and so far so good!! :D


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