Thursday, July 9, 2009

FOTD: Strange Twilight!

ps: posting this today instead of tomorrow because i'll be away and i don't know if the scheduling will work or not!! :D I'll be away for a few days with no internet connection, so please bear with me not replying your comments promptly k!

This eye combination is a really strange one to me!! The color combination looks a little off when i close my eyes, but when my eyes are open they look fine!! My camera couldn't capture the intensity of the colors properly - this one is a little darker and smokier in real life, but this shows that by choosing a lighter outer crease and contouring color, this can be a pretty neutral look too! :D

ps: I'm having a good hair day today other those those annoying broken off, wispy ones at the front!! So happy!! *flicks hair* :D

Stuff i used:

Silky White Magic Face Powder

MAC Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush (contour)
MAC Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder (highlight)

Brows (same ol):
Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


Sorry about the creased part near the inner corners... i did this in a hurry and didn't notice that when i was putting on my eye colors! Also i thought that the highlight for this eye is a little overapplied... Ok, i will not apply my makeup in a dark room again!! >.<

MAC Shore Leave eyeshadow (highlight)
Stila Twilight eyeshadow (inner crease)
Stila Sapphire eyeshadow (outer crease)
MAC Go eyeshadow (contour)
MAC Photogravure technakohl (upper & lower outer lashlines and tightline)


MAC Melrose Mood lippie
MAC Sugar Trance lipglass


  1. Girl you look HOT!!! Love the hair, the makeup and the vavavoom lips :D

  2. So pretty, I looove your eyes!!!

  3. wow! yr hair like pantene's model!!!!! btw, why when all of you line the lower lashlines, all look gorgeous with big eyes, but when i line i look like a monster on the loose -_-

  4. Neat! But I think your eyes and lips are fighting for attention leh.

  5. Oh, about the cleansing oil... Fancl leaves my skin very clean and soft. But my nose still feels oily after using the MAC's. But if you like MAC's, don't bother with Fancl's... no scent one! Haha... Also, my skin is oilier than yours so maybe that's why MAC's didn't work as well.

  6. Nikki: thank you!! You're always so generous with your compliments and kind words! :D

  7. Xin: wahhh... pantene model ah?? hahaha!! Don't think my hair is that nice... but thanks for the comment!! It made me very happy leh!! XD

    Aiyo, i'm sure you don't look so bad lah!! hahaha!!

  8. Connie: i know you do... and you rock them hard!! ;)

  9. Cath: oh really?? thanks for telling... i'll keep that in mind next time! ;)

  10. Cath: icic... then better stick to Fancl then!!

    I think i'll be sticking to MAC la, since 1. it works perfectly for me and 2. penang no Fancl!! lol!! :D


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