Friday, July 3, 2009

FOTD: My Style Warriors Makeover! :D

Had my Style Warriors makeover by my MAC MA Joanne!! :D I'm totally in love with how glowy i look after her magic touch!! :D

Ok, yes, i took this photo outside the ladies, because that's the only place with a window in Gurney Plaza! lol!!

Stuff used (All MAC except Mascara):

Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer
Lightful Powder Foundation in NC30
MSF Natural in Medium Deep (Nose contour)
Luna Cream Colour Base (Nose highlight)

On a Mission Beauty Powder Blush
Sun Rush Lustre Drop (Highlight)
Soft & Gentle MSF (Highlight)

Fling Eye Brows
Beguille Brow Set


Excuse the smudged part, i accidentally rubbed my eyes!!

Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
Luna Cream Colour Base
Soft Force ES (highlight & lower inner lashline)
Bright Future ES (all over crease)
Vibrant Grape ES (outer crease, contour & outer lower lashline)
Night Manoeuvers ES (inner corners near nose)
Buried Treasure Powerpoint (upper and lower lashlines)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner (upper lashline)
Lancome Oscillation Mascara


Purple Rite Lippie
Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass

Joanne and me! :D

Isn't she the most adorably gorgeous MAC MA you have ever met?? :D

Now i must tell CONVINCE myself, i DON'T NEED the lustre drops, i DON'T NEED any MSFs... T_T


  1. u look really awesome!!! love the glow and your eyes. gosh. so beautiful! i wish i had big eyes too :(

    p/s: the MA is really adorable

  2. your skin definitely looks glowy, i love it!

  3. So pretty!! Very dewy and gorgeous!

  4. Wow, your skin looks great! Dewy and smooth! Your MAC SA did a great job. I like how she lined your eyes. ;) Very pretty look!

  5. Yup! Love the eyes and cheeks!

    Did you just requested a makeover at the counter? Or did you have to purchase a certain amt? In S'pore, I think we've to purchase $100+ worth of products! So crappy... and I found out cos I requested a MUA to suggest 2 e/s colours and teach me how to apply them!

    Can you do a short review on your visit?

  6. Xin: ahaha thank you!! Look at Joanne's eyes... hers are huge and lovely!! :D

    I'll tell Joanne that!! hehe!! :D

  7. Maria: yeah... thanks to the MSF!! Gosh i'm having a hard time resisting it!! >.<

  8. Fuz: aww.. thank you!! Credit goes to Joanne!! hehehe!! :D

  9. Jess: Ahahaha i'll let her know! :D I totally love what she did too!! :D

  10. Cath: it's the same over here... we have to purchase X amount before we're entitled to a free makeover! :) it used to be RM150, but i think the raised the amount already! Not sure by how much!! :)

    How did your makeover go? :D

  11. wow..this is the clearest photo I've seen! You look lovely!! And I love how the makeover came out!!!
    Thanks for the message, I am glad to be back! :)

  12. you look absolutely gorgeous!

    love it the skin!

  13. Dang girl, you have fantastic skin!

  14. wow! I like the Makeover. Me so long never go visit Joanne de. LOLz! :P

    BTW, what did you get there?

  15. *hugs Nikki* Stay strong k!! :D

    And thank you for your kind words!! :D

  16. Plue: thank you hun!! :D

    It's because of the MSF la!! haha!! :D

  17. Tine: thank you!! *whispers: must be the Lancome night cream i'm using la!!* hahaha!! :D

  18. Sue: hehehe... you didn't get anything from Style Warriors? :D

    I got a couple things from SW and a few dazzleglasses! Can see the details here! :D

  19. Love love love the glow! You should have at least ONE MSF. something that's closest to your skin tone perhaps so that you can use it everyday? love the whole look! you esh so pweety!

  20. Please don't tempt me... T_T i don't wanna start buying them!! ahahaha!! :D

    thanks you hun!!! :D

  21. Your skin looks great! I loved the make up too, you are soo pretty :)

  22. Thanks so much for the kind words Marjo!! :D

  23. omg gal..i look so chubby at d pic T_T" and u look so gorgeous here =)!any1 interested bt m.a.c on mode makeup workshop at g hotel penang on tis 25/26 july?u can learn d latest trend makeup skill on tis work shop!for more info feel free to cal me(0124265318/2297137) k!

  24. OMG Joanne!!! *waves* how you found my blog?? lol!! :D

    Where got chubby lah!! hehehe!! :D

    So sad... i can't make it to the workshop cuz i back to India di... i wanna go!!! T_T


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