Friday, July 31, 2009

FOTD: Henna Lady

Ok people, i'm officially running out of colors to use!! haha!! :D This is a really simple smokey look that would flatter all skintones! :D This is my first time using the Manor Eyeshadow from the 6 Metallic Eyes Palette too... i love how the green iridescent matches the Henna eyeshadows perfectly! :D

Stuff i used:

Pond's Magic Powder

NARS Deep Throat

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


MAC Creme Royal es (highlight)
MAC Henna es (inner crease and lower lashline)
MAC Velvet Lady es (outer crease)
MAC Manor es (creaseline)
MAC Photogravure technakohl (upper lashline)
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara


MAC Lollipop Loving Lippie
MAC Cherry Blossom Lipglass


  1. So pretty..Thanks for sharing^^
    I really love how u use all MAC products*

  2. Pretty look :) I especially like your lippie color.

  3. girl your close up eye shot and lip shot is MAGAZINE worthy!!! Love it!!!

  4. Zoe: aww... thank you!! You're most welcome :D Ahaha... i love MAC!! :P

  5. Shopn'Chomp: thank you!! Lollipop Loving is one of my ultimate favourite lippies to wear too! :D

  6. Nikki: you're too kind la!! hahaha!! :D But i have to say that this lip combo is a surefire one!! i love it! hahaha!! :D

  7. so prettifull!
    I need to use henna- i have never used it- just sittin' in my dang makeup drawer.

  8. beautiful fotd Jenn!
    Oh my that NARS deep throat is lovely on you!

  9. Whit: thank you girl!! :D Yes you should go use it already!! Methinks that it'll look BEAUTIFUL on you!! :D

  10. Shuu: awww... thank you!! This is my favourite blush too!! i hope all of you are not bored with seeing this one for weeks in a row already... this is the only blush i brought home with me for... 7 weeks now? hahaha!! :P

  11. I like this look! I see you've gotten more daring with the intensity for the colors ;) seriously, it looks really good. ahhh Henna was on my list to buy at the sale but I couldn't find it :(

  12. Ahaha... maybe it's because i'm running out of colours to use already after being home for almost 7 weeks and only two palettes and 3 eyeshadows! hahaha!! :P

    Awww... i hope they repromote Henna soon!! Or you can check out Sumptuous Olive... i heard it's almost similar to Henna! :D

  13. This is beautiful! I love that lip color!

  14. Thank you Vanessa!! You're always so generous with your compliments! :D


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