Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette Swatches! :D

Here're the swatches for all the Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes! :D

As usual, the swatches on top are taken without flash, and the ones below with! :)

You know what?? Methinks that these shadows reaaaaally give you the utmost bang for your buck you can get nowadays!! They're reasonably smooth and pigmented without being overly shimmery! They're defintely worth a look!!

These go for RM22.90 each and is available at all Silkygirl counters (displayers / sections?) of your local Watsons / Guardian / Supermarkets! :D

What sayeth thou?? Good?? No good?? :D

Psssst: As you can see, this is going for RM18.88 at Guardian!! Today is the last day already, so HURRY!! lol!! :D


  1. Hi! I have the smokey palette and I quite like it. It's not super pigmented, but very silky smooth like you said. Silkygirl always surprises me and I like that abt this brand. That brown swatch looks nice ... I don't fancy brown shadows but your swatch might just make me run out to get that palette!! Thanks for this! :)

  2. icic!! Yes, Silkygirl is one of those brands that you'll find some drugstore gems if you give it a chance!! :D

    ahaha, do let me know if you like the brown palette or not ya! :D

  3. *howls* Why do I have to be in Australia when such a fab deal is coming out?

    Violet smoke swatches prettier than I expected. *sigh*

  4. Awww... poor girl!! Don't worry, Silkygirl goes on sale all the time, so you probably won't miss out on too much! :D

  5. Those are awesome swatches - thanks! I got Forest Green about a month ago - uh... kick my butt to write about it? :P

  6. You're welcome Paris!! :D

    Ahahaha... i won't kick your butt but will the puppy eyed trick work? @_@ Can we see a post on that?? Please?

    Man hand me some eyedrops already!! hahahaha!! XD

  7. i swatched them some time ago too. love the pastel colors! sometimes on sale can be as cheap as 18.90. but not tempted to get it tho. lol.

  8. these are like dupes for the Revlon quads, and yes they are quite pretty for the price :D

    Even maybelline (not the diamond glow ones) can't win!

    I shall not be comparing this with MJ or Kate, as those are usually better than Silkygirl :P

    But hm, I might have a go at the green. ohmigod, me and greens >_<

  9. Xin: lol!! :D Cuz you got too many eyeshadows di?? hehehe!! :D

  10. Plue: icic! Of course cannot compare with MJ or Kate la!! haha!! :D

    But yeah, this one beats the regular maybelline shadows hands down!! :)

    And no!! No more green for you!!! :D

  11. i tried the tester the other day, i don't think it's that smooth or pigmented as their duo eyeshadow. i don't know, maybe it's because the tester has been there since like forever. but my fav's from these are smokey charm and green forest. very pretty indeed. thank you for the swatches [:


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