Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturdays are for Shopping!! :D

ps: picture heavy, please be patient! :)

Finally got to go to Gurney *koff MAC koff koff* last Saturday!! :D

I went over to the Lancome counter first! The nice SA there helped me put on the Lancome Oscillation Mascara! :D

Pardon the bare face... now you can see my bintik-bintik (spots) up close!! lol!! :P


Personally i don't really like it lor... though it really curls well, it's a little heavy, clumpy and it smudges on me!! Yikes!! Furthermore i don't think i can ever spend more than RM50 on a mascara that's gonna goop up in 6 months time...

Anyhooo i got these from the counter:

My Neurowhite Emulsion staple and my very first Juicy Tube in 103 Apple Shibuya! :D

Rant: OMG they raised the price AGAIN for the emulsion... RM10 increment somemore k!! @$%&!!!

Got these freebies too:

Neurowhite Petal, Hydrazen moisturizer, Primordiale serum and Sunblock (love)!! Plus some service vouchers too!! Can't wait to try out their facial! :D

Next i head on over to MAC (oh the joy! :D)! Am really glad that the Style Warriors stuff are in already!! :D

Will do a review on this collection as well as the Double Dazzle in my next post so stay tuned!! As for now, here's what i got:

Liberated Lipglass
Gold Rebel Lipglass
Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass
Sunsational Lippie
Purple Rite Lippie
Bright Future ES
On a Mission BPB

Bare Necessity
Moth to Flame
Steppin' Out
Utterly Posh

Plus i got the 208 brush! :D

Family photo:

Ok, my bread and water diet officially starts now!! *sweats*

Oh yeah, my MA Joanne saw that my skin is kinda dry, so she gave me samples of the strobe cream to try:

I loveeeee her to death!! :D

On my way out of Gurney Plaza, i saw this:

The Biotherm bus!! :D

Didn't expect it to arrive in Penang this weekend, but i'm glad i manage to catch it! :D

Got these freebies from the bus:

Samples of the new hydra mineral range, and a service voucher! :D

Got my skin analyzed as well. All is well but hmmm, seems like i have sensitive skin?!! Strange... :S

Oh yeah, i got these as well:

From Sasa:

DIY Mask capsules!! Can't wait to make my own masks! :D

And from Watsons:

The new Nivea masks! :D

I'm always game for alcohol free stuff... so i hope these two works!! :D

All in all i've had a great weekend! :D How was yours?? I hope it was great too!! :D


  1. OMG, so so jealous. I'm definitely checking out the stores this weekend.. Last time I went, the place was dressed up like african warriors but apparently the products haven't arrived..

  2. Ahaha yes do check this out and lemme know what you think! :D

    Where're you at? :D

  3. Oh my word. I soooo want to go shopping! Not that I haven't, but awesome haul babe! =D

    Btw- I strolled by MAC KLCC yesterday (didn't buy anything *beams*), and most of the stuff from Style Warriors are already sold out. But nothing really screams to me from this collection. Ah safe!

  4. wah wah thts a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF OMG!!!!! can finish?

  5. Syen: ahahaa... yesh i remember your dazzleglass haul!!! Yum!! :D

    icic... yeah, that's good news for your wallet!! ahaha!! :D But watch out for Colour Craft though!! That one's gonna burn a big hole in all of our pockets! :D

  6. Xin: *whispers* i don't think so...

    :P :P :P

  7. Woahh.....that's a lot of shopping in one day...err....think a few months back, I was like that....but now....'mellow' down a bit...haha!!

    I never knew that MAC has these little samples. But then, your MAC haul is HUGE!!!! Was just at MAC Pavilion a few hours earlier and almost everything from Style Warrior already sold out, only the dark-colored lipstick and lipglass left...:( Too late...I can't have my Liberated and Gold Rebel anymore....sigh....

  8. wahhh... when you splurge, you really splurge! Very cool buys :D

  9. Yup. I'm looking out for that one. Waaaiting for that one to be out. =P


  10. Vonvon: ahaha... what to do?? I only get to goto MAC when they launch two collections together... >.< Naturally the hole in the wallet will be bigger! lol!! :P

    I think MAC only gives out samples during their major events like the Hello Kitty ones. You can try asking the MA for them too and see?

  11. Connie: ahaha... it's a disease i tell you!! i need professional help!! >.<

  12. Syen: ahaha!! must remember to show your buys k when that time comes!! :D

    I'm dying to see the 131 brush!!

  13. Oh I LOVE your haul!!
    I got about about five things from Style Warriors and the only thing the same is the On a Mission blush - I love it to bits! :)

    I also got four dazzleglasses from the Double Dazzle collection - Goldyrocks, Smile, Moth to Flame and Utterly Posh! Heart these!!

  14. Hi5!!! :D For some strange reason, On a mission turns peach on me!! :S Did that happen for you?? :D

    Eh i got these dazzleglasses too!! They're gorgeousssssss!! :D


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