Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pssst... Have you heard?

About the MAC Friends & Family sale? Everything's going at 15% off from tomorrow (11th) until the 16th of June in stores (not valid for MAC Departmental Stores location!) all across the US of A and Canada! :) This sale will be available online on the 16th itself as well (yes, ONE day only!) plus free shipping so don't miss out on this!

But if you want bigger savings, go drop by the MAC website and place your order there from 16-18 June, and you'll enjoy a 25% discount off everything online! Just enter the code SUMO during checkout! :)

As usual, this discount is not applicable on Viva Glam products and Gift Cards, but for everything else, it's fair game! lol! I can foresee the LE stuff and brushes flying off the shelves then, so do hurry and camp by your computer on the eve of the 15th!! lol! :D

Thanks to threads here and here for this info! :)

ps: why is this sale not available worldwide? *grumbles grumbles grumbles*

Photo credits: MAC Postcard pic by RoxyJ of


  1. the one thing I want, GD is oos. :(

    sigh. nothing else i want.

    maybe mac188? :D

  2. Aiya!! Let's pray that my MA did help us get our stuff then!! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

    i would get the 136 brush... but it's no longer available online!! :'(

  3. I just want my MSF natural but the website doesn't take paypal!! don't feel like using my credit card :( I have 5 more days to consider

  4. icic!! Hmm... just wondering how do you ship it to malaysia?? Vpost? :D

  5. wow i bet the MAC fans will go really crazy. lol. thankfully i have never used any mac stuff before

    p/s: i like the name 'sumo sales'

  6. Yes you bet!! :D i also heard that there'll be a MAC private sale in SG... haiz!!! too bad for me!! T_T

    Ahahaha.. yeha you're lucky that you're not a MAC fan!! Like i always say, once you buy MAC, you can't go back!! hhahaha!! XD

    Sumo is so cute right? hehehe!! :D

  7. I'll have it shipped to my swap buddy's address if I do get it :)

  8. icic... so nice to have a swap buddy!! :D


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