Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Product Review: My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask 我的美丽日记草莓优格面膜

At a Glance:
Price: RM3.30 (approx. US$0.89)
Website: http://beautydiary.com.tw
Weight: NA
Made in: Taiwan
Likes: Cheap, REALLY brightens skin!! :D
Gripes: None
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars! Me Likey!! :D


Product Description

Translation (Please correct if you spot any errors!! My Chinese is really rusty!!):

Effective for: Whitening, Tenderizing (lol!! XD I guess Softening la!!), Zero Shine

Suitable for: Normal to Combination skins

Directions: After cleansing and toning, remove the protective covering and place mask on face for 20-30 minutes then remove. If there is any residue on your face, you can massage it with your fingers to aid absorption. There is no need to rinse off. Follow with your usual moisturizer / serum after to lock in moisture.

To Note: Place product in places out of reach by young children to avoid being mistakenly eaten (lol!! XD). If there are signs that this product is not suited for you or rashes / swelling, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use on injured skin or if you have rashes / swelling. Not suitable for infants and young children. If you have sensitive skin, please perform a patch test prior to using. If there is no adverse reaction from the test, you may use this mask.

Storage: Place in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.

Manufacturing Date: Effective date: printed on pack.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is not as "wet" as the usual sheet masks, which i actually don't mind because i don't like my masks dripping when i pull them out of the foil packs! lol!! It has a really delicious strawberry milkshake (more like the strawberry sugus chewies!! lol!!) scent that i like!! :D


This mask is individually packed into a foil wrapping like your usual sheet masks. It also comes in a box of 10 i believe.

This mask is still a little big for my face:

... but it's among the best fitting already for me!! :D

Time Test:
20-30 minutes, which is a little long laaa! :P

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at about RM3.30 each depending on seller. I bought mine from beauty_zone33 from Lowyat.net. There're lots of other sellers there as well!! For girls who do not want to buy online, this is available in a pack-of-2 at Guardian for RM16.90 (daylight robbery!!!). Not sure if this one's gonna be permenant though, so grab one while you can! :D

I use this mask for instant brightening! :D

My $0.02:

I finally gotten around to try out these adorable masks from Taiwan!! :D

I'm really really surprised by the whitening power of this one!! I woke up the next day with really bright skin!! :D It's not really that moisturizing because of it's oil control properties, but i think it's nothing you can't fix with a moisturizer after! I can't comment on the oil control properties though, since i do not have oily skin to begin with!!

And oh, this one smells really cute!! lol!! :D

The only thing i didn't like about this one is the fact that i have to buy it online!! What a hassle!! Now if only Guardian lowers their prices of these masks...

Credits: Product photo from Elle.com.hk


  1. hehe. you're tempting me with this but oil control tak leh la for me. I'm placing a 100-pcs with that seller you recommended. but her masks are out of stock at the moment. have to wait next week. blergh. not all 100pcs mine la. haha

  2. Wah!! 100 pieces!! Didcha buy a few from each range?? hehehe!! :D

    icic... hope you get your masks soon!! :D Must review ya! :D

  3. it is LE lor. >_<

    but i like lor oil control!!!

  4. icic!! i didn't really notice any "oil control" properties la!! But it really brightens!! :D

  5. i like this brand too! i think i bought 50 pcs of them last time, and gave some of them to my mom n sis. not bad at all!

  6. Wah... you bought so many!! :D Which ones didcha try out? :D

    i feel like trying everything!! lol!! :D

  7. i bought aloe vera, apple, red wine, natto, black pearl, pearl, and ahh i cnt remember! but now i am tempted to try this strawberry yoghurt! how could i have missed this out???

  8. Wah so many!!! Maybe because this one is released just recently thats why?? :D

    It's still available at lowyat la... faster go buy!! :D

  9. Boo... cannot buy from Singapore leh! =P
    Good for my wallet lah... Heh...

  10. Ahahaa!! But there should be SG online sellers selling this in SG right?? :D

  11. the way u apply ur mask is wrong already o~ if u need any help plz msn me boonli88@hotmail.com

    u should put it totally on ur skin....cant let the air still inside the mask.


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