Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Home!! :D

Sunrise above the clouds on MH193

Just a quick note to say that i've landed safely in Penang on Saturday!! :D

I find it funny that we had to declare that we don't have swine flu on board before landing in Malaysia...

Hmmm... wonder what happens if a person ticked "Yes" for everything under Part B?

Also, I managed to check out and swatch a few items already, so stay tuned! Yes, i will have internet connection after all! ;)

Psssst: Purchase RM250 from Lancome, and get a R.A.R.E set worth RM600 for free! Offer ends 30th June and is available at all Lancome counters! :D


Your giftset will have:
- Renergie RARE cream 15ml
- Renergie RARE serum 10ml
- Renergie RARE Yeux 3ml

- Service voucher worth RM370
- 1 Complimentary Facial
- 1 Complimentary Makeover
- 3 Eyebrow Trimming

ps: the Lancome Primordiale night cream is AHMAZING!!! I didn't get no pimples AT ALL this time around despite not sleeping for close to 48 hours plus weather difference!! Love!! Eh, i'm not paid to say this ya!! hahaha!! :D :D Can anybody see my posts?? Please leave a comment if you could!! I noticed that my visitors have been reduced to half!! *pulls hair out* Switching back to blogger for now! :(


  1. welcome back!!!!

    come to KL ahhhhhhh~ come come come! :P

  2. I think those people who ticked 'yes' will kena deported bah.

  3. Jenn, can't access your Didn't realise you had updated blog posts from the Google Reader until I came to your site. Hmmm wonder what's going on ....

  4. Welcome back! Home sweet home! Enjoy your stay here ya.

  5. Welcome home ! :D Btw, out of topic, what is ur shade for NARS Loose Powder ? Mine is Eden. If suitable for u maybe I can send it to u in a small jar =">

  6. Plue: thank youuuu!! I also want want wantttttttt!!! :D

  7. Cath: hmmm... but i don't think anyone would knowingly "expose" themselves to people with H1N1? :S

  8. Tine: thanks for the update!! Nowonder half of my readers disappeared!! :(

    Hopefully blogger fixes this soon!!

  9. Traclyn: thank you!! It's great to be home! :D

  10. Awww... Meri!! You're too kind really!!

    I don't know what NARS shade i am though! :(

  11. welcome back! am still stalking u :P buy rm250 of lancome stuff get rm600 free???? where where whereeeee

  12. Xin: ahaha thank you!! :D

    Eh, from all Lancome counters!! Paiseh!! I updated the post di! :P

    Will you be getting anything? :D

  13. hiee :)

    I couldn't access your blog for a few days but its good that its up! :)

    and hey you're from Penang! me too :D I'll be back in Penang for the weekend too..

    P/s : i was the one who asked what cam you use..


  14. welcome back :D

    wah must declare?
    what happens if i didnt know i got swine flu
    then i have...
    go to jail a? -.-"

    btw i can see your post :P

  15. Hi Maxine!! *waves* What a coincidence!! lol!! :D Do say Hi when you happen to bump into me ya!! :D

    Where're you at now? :D

  16. Nikki: awww... thanks hun!! :D

  17. LyNn: thanks!! :D:D

    Yalah... i'm sure most sane people will check themselves into the hospital immediately if they suspect themselves to have swine flu ler, rather than go catch a flight and infect everybody else!! >.<


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