Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm going Home...

Yes, i'll be heading back to Penang in abit! Surprised? :D

Stuff i'm really looking forward to...

The husband needs to be back there ASAP for work, so i get to go back too! I'm beyond happy!! It's really the best birthday pressie i can ask for, and just in time for Fathers' Day too! :D

Well i'll be back home until the 19th of July, and i may not have internet connection meanwhile! So don't worry, if you don't see me online, i'm not ignoring you nor have i fallen off the face of this earth (lol!)! There'll still be may or may not be scheduled posts depending on how soon blogger addresses the scheduling problem, and i may not be able to reply to your comments / emails until i'm back, so bear with me ya! :)

Bloggerissodumb!!!! Firstthestupidcustomdomainproblemthennowthis!!! Whatgreattimingtoo!!!! ARGH!!!! *huffs... puffs...*

And oh, here's my last minute shopping loots! XD

Evening Aura es, the 136 brush and some containers :)

An Indian friend of mine is getting married next week, so i got myself a saree to wear to her wedding!! hehehe!! :D

And Plue's 165!! Go drool and dream of it already!! hahaha!! XD

Ok, that's all for now! Meanwhile, wish me a safe journey home! As for all of you, my dear readers, take care, stay pretty and dream of durians, till we meet again! lol! :D

ps: fingers crossed that i'll manage to catch the GAP sale! I need new clothes! :D


  1. Orh... shall miss you then! I used to like Indian stuff but my supervisor really tarnished my impression of them! =( Would love to own a sari too but... nah... will only make me think of that horrible fellow!

  2. Yikes!! He must be a horrible fella to make you dislike him so much!! What did he do?? :(

  3. is MAC cheaper in India ? Aaargh, I want the brush too ! ;p Btw, since yesterday I cant reload ur blog, until I found out u have change the domain >.<

  4. Meri: MAC is actually a bit more expensive over here! But that won't stop this mac addict from buying! lol! :D

    You're eyeing the 165 brush too?? or the 136? ;)

    Ohhh... nowonder there're so few visitors these two days!! I think there's something wrong with blogger!! >.<

  5. wah! already! :D
    btw, welcome back!! ;)

  6. 165 and 136 I cant find it from the website. Is it face and blush brush ? I wish to have both =p Used to they have monogram version for face brush, but only can get it by online. Aaargh, I want it but no more ady =(

  7. Sue: Ahahaha thank you!! Don't tease me la!! haha!! :P

  8. Meri: The 165 is LE from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection, and the 136 is discontinued already, so thats why both of them are not on the website!

    I believe KL still has the 136 though!! :D

  9. welcome back to bolehland! the saree looks so gorgeous! please take a picture wearing it!! ^_^ cant wait to see it! an indian colleague of mine is getting married too. still thinking what shall i wear to his wedding

  10. haha and dream of durian?? i love durians. your like the first person i know to like them! i will be sure to dream of them tonight. and nice haul. i have evening aura but i can't seem to work it welll into my eye makeup. i don't know, it just doesn't look good on my asian skin. you should do a look with it.

  11. eh! my 165 made it's first appearance!!!! :D :D :D

    ok. i am so damaged this month!!!!!

  12. Xin: ahaha okok!! I hope i don't drown in it though!! It's sooo hard to wear!! >.<

    Maybe you can wear a saree to your colleague's wedding too!! hehehe!! :D

  13. Courtnie: ehhh hellloooo fellow durian lover! lol!! I can't wait to feast on them! :D

    Hmm... ok i'll try to do a look with that when i go back to India... i left it there! lol! :D

  14. Plue: yesh!! But you won't regret it!! hehehe!! :D

  15. What a lovely saree! Show us a picture with you in it, yeah? ;)

  16. ahaha okok!! Will show... provided i don't look too funny with it! lol!! XD


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