Monday, June 1, 2009

Tutorial: Brows

Anonymous requested for a brow tutorial, so here it is! :D

You'll need these items:

1. A tweezer
2. A brow mascara (I'm using the MAC Brow set. Plain on hairspray on a tooth brush works too!)
3. An eyebrow pencil that's slightly lighter than your brow color (for most of us Asian girls, dark brown is a good bet)
4. A light eye pencil to mark where your brows should be (You'll need this only for the first time you do this... PLEASE don't wear this out!!)
5. A brow brush

This is my bare brows:

As you can see, the hairs are kinda long in the middle, and there're bald spots towards the end of my brow!! It looks rather shapeless too! No worries though, there's nothing good ol' makeup can't fix! haha! :D

Let's start by determining (is there such a word?) where your brows should start and end. To see where your brows should start, place a pencil or brush next to your nose and tear duct like this:

This is where your brows should start. You may want to mark this with the light eye pencil.

Then, to determine where your brows should end, place the pencil / brush at the side of your nose, but slant it outwards beside the outer corner of your eye like this:

Once again mark this with your light pencil.

Finally, to see where your natural arch should be, place the pencil / brush at the side of your nose and look straight. Then adjust the brush slightly towards the outer part of your pupil like this:

Yes, mark with the pencil again. So now you should have this:

Wet your pinkie and slick your brows back. You should be able to see the natural shape of your brows better that way:

Then with a tweezer, pluck out the hair BELOW the brow that is not part of your brows.

If you're afraid of making mistakes, you can always have your brows professionally groomed once. Then do take note of your natural shape, and moving forward, just pluck the stray hairs that grows out after that! :)

Ok, let's go onto the brow defining part! Now that your brows are more or less "in shape" already, fill in your brow with a brow pencil. Always pick a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural brow color for the most natural finish:

Looks something like this after:

Tada, bald spots are gone! :)

Wait, you're not done yet! Usually this is a little dark for my liking, so what i do is that i use a brow comb and like "blend" the colors in for a softer look:

For girls with long droopy eyebrow hairs like me, a brow mascara is your best friend!! Slick it over your brows in a few smooth strokes to put the hairs where they should be:

And you're done! :D

And a before / after comparison side by side:

I admit i'm not a professional at doing brows (in fact i think i'm quite a noob at this!!), and this is what i do for myself personally! Do check out the brow tutorials from these amazing makeup gurus:

Brow Filling Tutorial by Connie
Sculpting & Shaping Eyebrows Video Tutorial by Koren
Eyebrow Grooming Video Tutorial by MissChievous
All About Eyebrows Video Tutorial by Tiffany D


  1. girl this is a really good tutorial. i am also one of the lots who cant do her own brow! and im scared of the pain of plucking! :( i sometimes overblend the color and made it too light, and had to refill again -_-''

  2. thanks for the tutorial! i looove the mac brow set in girlboy :)

  3. I love it that your brows is full and not overly plucked! I hate that! :) I love the color too! suits you!!!

  4. Xin: aww... thank you!! I'm actually kinda afraid of the pain of plucking too (especially at the areas near the eye... ouch!!), but i'm too anal about removing them regrowth, so pluck it i will!! hahaha!! :D

    Don't worry about overblending and having to fill them in again la! Better than going out with chinese opera brows right? :D

  5. Steph: you're welcome!! I adore the Browset too!! It work wonders for long browhaired girls like me!! hehehe!! :D

  6. Nikki: after my earlier scare, i don't dare to overpluck my eyebrows already!! if not have to censor my pictures again!! hahaha!! XD

  7. this is a great tutorial! very clear! I'm always messing up my right arch. pai seh only la u call me "guru" :p

  8. Connie: You're most welcome girl!! :D

    No need to paiseh, you really are mah!! hehehe!! :D

  9. hey dear, this is so so so informative! :D BTW, what eyebrow pencil are you using?

  10. hi jenn. thanks for that!!! really appreciate it! :-) the tutorial itself surpassed my expectations in terms of details... thanks again. ;-) your brows are naturally gorgeous btw, but nothin' a lil' pencil can't help to make even better.

    wat's ur take on brow powder? have always thought pencils give a tad harsh effect (that is, until you convinced me otherwise. i'm sold! pencils are my friends now). i have personally used Clinique's and M.A.C.'s for years but *alas* both have been discontinued. am trying out Benefit's and Paul & Joe's at the moment. the prices here in M'sia rock, so it's OK to venture out and be adventurous. but thanks again for prooving to me, brow pencils can look v v natural. KEEP IT UP! ^_^

  11. Sue: ahaha thanks!! :D I'm using the Maybelline Line n' Design brow pencil - i think it's been discontinued already!! :P

  12. Anon: you're most welcome!! Glad that you found that useful!! :D

    I haven't tried brow powders before, but i personally think they're a great choice for a natural look! They're also perfect for setting the brows after pencil! :D

  13. your tutorial is great!!! love your blog alot.. thanks for all the information

  14. You're welcome Anon!! Glad you found this useful!! :D

  15. what shade of mac's brow set are you using?ü


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