Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Product Review: My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask 我的美丽日记草莓优格面膜

At a Glance:
Price: RM3.30 (approx. US$0.89)
Website: http://beautydiary.com.tw
Weight: NA
Made in: Taiwan
Likes: Cheap, REALLY brightens skin!! :D
Gripes: None
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars! Me Likey!! :D


Product Description

Translation (Please correct if you spot any errors!! My Chinese is really rusty!!):

Effective for: Whitening, Tenderizing (lol!! XD I guess Softening la!!), Zero Shine

Suitable for: Normal to Combination skins

Directions: After cleansing and toning, remove the protective covering and place mask on face for 20-30 minutes then remove. If there is any residue on your face, you can massage it with your fingers to aid absorption. There is no need to rinse off. Follow with your usual moisturizer / serum after to lock in moisture.

To Note: Place product in places out of reach by young children to avoid being mistakenly eaten (lol!! XD). If there are signs that this product is not suited for you or rashes / swelling, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use on injured skin or if you have rashes / swelling. Not suitable for infants and young children. If you have sensitive skin, please perform a patch test prior to using. If there is no adverse reaction from the test, you may use this mask.

Storage: Place in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.

Manufacturing Date: Effective date: printed on pack.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is not as "wet" as the usual sheet masks, which i actually don't mind because i don't like my masks dripping when i pull them out of the foil packs! lol!! It has a really delicious strawberry milkshake (more like the strawberry sugus chewies!! lol!!) scent that i like!! :D


This mask is individually packed into a foil wrapping like your usual sheet masks. It also comes in a box of 10 i believe.

This mask is still a little big for my face:

... but it's among the best fitting already for me!! :D

Time Test:
20-30 minutes, which is a little long laaa! :P

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at about RM3.30 each depending on seller. I bought mine from beauty_zone33 from Lowyat.net. There're lots of other sellers there as well!! For girls who do not want to buy online, this is available in a pack-of-2 at Guardian for RM16.90 (daylight robbery!!!). Not sure if this one's gonna be permenant though, so grab one while you can! :D

I use this mask for instant brightening! :D

My $0.02:

I finally gotten around to try out these adorable masks from Taiwan!! :D

I'm really really surprised by the whitening power of this one!! I woke up the next day with really bright skin!! :D It's not really that moisturizing because of it's oil control properties, but i think it's nothing you can't fix with a moisturizer after! I can't comment on the oil control properties though, since i do not have oily skin to begin with!!

And oh, this one smells really cute!! lol!! :D

The only thing i didn't like about this one is the fact that i have to buy it online!! What a hassle!! Now if only Guardian lowers their prices of these masks...

Credits: Product photo from Elle.com.hk

The Body Shop Hot Brights Collection Swatches and Review! :)

Manage to check this collection out, so here's my humble $0.02 on it! :D

ps: all swatches on the left were taken without flash, and the ones on the right, with! :)

Hot Brights Blush - US$24 / RM79.90

Both blushes have decent color payoff and applies rather smoothly! The colors are pretty too!! :D These two are definitely one of their better blushes!! :)

Hot Brights Eye Color - US$17 / RM55

I find these shadows to be rather mediocre, both quality and color wise. The swatches above are achieved with about 5 swipes.

Hot Brights Lip Shine / Cheek Stain - US$18 / RM55

I actually kinda like this one!! The colors are gorgeous and the glittery side should keep things from looking too flat! I wonder if they last though...

Hot Brights Eyeliner - US$13 / RM39.90

Not sure if it's the testers' problem, but these were incredibly hard and waxy!! The skin on my arm felt rather sore after applying this, so there's no way i'm using these on my eyelids!! I also find the duo-side rather redundant... they're basically the same shade, just that one side has glitters and the other side doesn't!

Overall i think this is yet another mediocre collection from TBS! But i have to say though, the packaging is lovely! :D

What sayeth you?? :D

Photo Credits: All product photos / screen captures from Thebodyshop-usa.com.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MAC Double Dazzle & Style Warriors Swatches and Review

I finalllllllly got to check these two collections out!! :D

Ok let's start with Double Dazzle! :D

This collection features 18 dazzleglass and 2 dazzlelash mascaras. Some of the dazzleglass are repromotes from previous collections, and out of all these, Goldyrocks, Utterly Posh and Stop! Look! are LE! :D Sadly, for us Penang girls, EVERYTHING is LE!! They'll not bring in anymore stocks after they finish selling their current stash!! T_T

Ok let's go onto the swatches!! I apologize for the crappy swatches!! Some of these dazzleglasses are sheer, so they may look the same! lol! Also, the lighting in the MAC store is a little warm! Finally, i hate it when they cut off the brush applicators of the testers... so hard to swatch with the stupid plastic stick!! Do check out Karla Sugar's swatches... hers are amazing!! :D

Sugarrimmed - Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl This one's basically clear with pretty sparkles!
Goldyrocks - Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl (LE). I was a little disappointed with this one - i was hoping for it to be more pigmented but it was really sheer! :(
Moth to a Flame - Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl. Methinks that this is a really lovely neutral color!
Like Venus - Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl. Very sparkly but a little too cool for my liking!! :D
Baby Sparks - Pale pink with violet pearl Ahhh, one of my most favouritest colors!! This goes with EVERYTHING!
Bare Necessity - Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl. Another great nude! :D
Girl's Delight - Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl. This would look great on darker lipes!
Utterly Posh - Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl (LE)* I was blown away by this one!! The color's gorgeous, and it's more pigmented than most! :D
Get Rich Quick - Warm yellow brown* This color is more suited for pairing with dark lippies!! :)

Rags to Riches - Plummy pink with teal and red pearl* I kind of regret not getting this one!! It's really gorgeous on its own!!
Smile - Light coral with pink and gold pearl* This color would brighten up any lips IMHO!! :D
Steppin’ Out - Clean yellow pink with red pearl* A more pigmented one among the rest... the colors beautiful too!! :D
Extra Amps - Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl. This one is a little too cool for my liking as well!!
Money Honey - Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl. This one is very sparkly too!!
Funtabulous - Purple with violet pearl* A gorgeous one to pair with your purple lippies!!
Love Alert - Raspberry red with red pearl* Ahaha you can read my review for this one here.
Stop! Look! - Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl (LE). This one's a little blah! :P
Date Night - Deep plum with blue and gold pearl* Another one to pair with your dark lippies! :D

Those marked with are my favourites!! hehehe!! Also, those marked with * are more pigmented! :D

Personally i totally ADORE the dazzleglasses because they're just simply gorgeous!! :) Do check them out in person to see if they're for you or not, because i know some people do not like how shimmery / sticky they are!! Better hurry though, alot of them are almost sold out already!! :D

Onto Style Warriors! :D

Ok, i knew the packaging was ugly from pictures, but i didn't know they were THAT ugly!! *tears hair out* The Celtic design coupled with animal prints makes my head spin!!

With that aside, the items themselves are actually not too bad!! :D The colors are definitely wearable (with the exception of the darkest lippie and lipglass), and their textures are really good too!! :D

Let's start with the lipsticks:

Sunsational -Such a pretty and special nude!! It may not show up on darker lips though!!
Brave New Bronze - This one didn't wow me as much as i thought it would! To me it's just another of those 10863 other nude shades there are out there!
Purple Rite - Surprisingly this one turns pink on my lips!! :D
Tribalist - Not for the faint hearted, this shade will definitely turn heads when you wear it out! lol!! :D


Liberated - I wanted to skip this one initially because i thought it looked similar to Goldyrocks. But upon closer inspection, the difference is substantial enough to justify buying both!! It's gorgeous!! :D
Gold Rebel - Another gorgeous gold shade!! I totally adore it! :D
Fierce & Fabulous - This one's rather pigmented!! It makes the Purple Rite lipstick purple again!! ahaha!! :D
Style Warrior - What a unique color!! Methinks that this one is more suited for WOCs! :D


Soft Force - A lovely highlighter shade! :D
Bright Future - I LOVE this one!! MAC should totally make this permenant already! :D
Vibrant Grape - The texture of this one isn't the greatest there is around, but the color's beautiful!
Tempting - OMG this is like one of those rare lustre eyeshadow that applies beautifully!! The color's gorgeous too!!
Night Manoeuvers - This one's a little chalky as well!!

Beauty Powder Blushes:

Eversun - Read my review here
On a Mission - this one turns strangely peach on me!! What's going on?? lol!! :P

As with the rest of the beauty powder blushes, these two swatches smooooooothly!! :D

Solar Bits:

These are really beautifully actually... but the fallout could be a problem!! I for one don't think i can ever master how to use them!!

Bronzing Powder & Iridescent Powder Loose:

Not going to review the bronzing powders, but i have to say that the IPL looks absolutely gorgeous!! :D

Lustre Drops:

OMG these are dope in a bottle!! They make me look soooo radiant!! Too bad the one i want is out of stock... T_T

Nail Lacquers:

All one coat! :)

Peaceable - very lovely nude shade!! It applies evenly as well!!
Mercenary - nice bronzy shade!! :D
Violet Fire - this one's meh... and it goes on steaky!!

What'd ya think of these two collections? Didcha get anything? :D

Ok thats all for now!! OMG it took me so long to type today's entries out... im getting old!! lol!! Have a great week ahead people! :D

Saturdays are for Shopping!! :D

ps: picture heavy, please be patient! :)

Finally got to go to Gurney *koff MAC koff koff* last Saturday!! :D

I went over to the Lancome counter first! The nice SA there helped me put on the Lancome Oscillation Mascara! :D

Pardon the bare face... now you can see my bintik-bintik (spots) up close!! lol!! :P


Personally i don't really like it lor... though it really curls well, it's a little heavy, clumpy and it smudges on me!! Yikes!! Furthermore i don't think i can ever spend more than RM50 on a mascara that's gonna goop up in 6 months time...

Anyhooo i got these from the counter:

My Neurowhite Emulsion staple and my very first Juicy Tube in 103 Apple Shibuya! :D

Rant: OMG they raised the price AGAIN for the emulsion... RM10 increment somemore k!! @$%&!!!

Got these freebies too:

Neurowhite Petal, Hydrazen moisturizer, Primordiale serum and Sunblock (love)!! Plus some service vouchers too!! Can't wait to try out their facial! :D

Next i head on over to MAC (oh the joy! :D)! Am really glad that the Style Warriors stuff are in already!! :D

Will do a review on this collection as well as the Double Dazzle in my next post so stay tuned!! As for now, here's what i got:

Liberated Lipglass
Gold Rebel Lipglass
Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass
Sunsational Lippie
Purple Rite Lippie
Bright Future ES
On a Mission BPB

Bare Necessity
Moth to Flame
Steppin' Out
Utterly Posh

Plus i got the 208 brush! :D

Family photo:

Ok, my bread and water diet officially starts now!! *sweats*

Oh yeah, my MA Joanne saw that my skin is kinda dry, so she gave me samples of the strobe cream to try:

I loveeeee her to death!! :D

On my way out of Gurney Plaza, i saw this:

The Biotherm bus!! :D

Didn't expect it to arrive in Penang this weekend, but i'm glad i manage to catch it! :D

Got these freebies from the bus:

Samples of the new hydra mineral range, and a service voucher! :D

Got my skin analyzed as well. All is well but hmmm, seems like i have sensitive skin?!! Strange... :S

Oh yeah, i got these as well:

From Sasa:

DIY Mask capsules!! Can't wait to make my own masks! :D

And from Watsons:

The new Nivea masks! :D

I'm always game for alcohol free stuff... so i hope these two works!! :D

All in all i've had a great weekend! :D How was yours?? I hope it was great too!! :D
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