Friday, May 22, 2009

FOTD: Very Natural Bride! :D

ps: Fridays will be FOTD Fridays from now on... i'll try to do at least one every Friday k! Wish me luck!! Hehehe!! :D

To tell you the truth, I wasn't very pleased with my makeup on my wedding day. I thought the thick black liner made my eyes look a little wonky, plus why on earth did the MA use ORANGE shadow on me?! Ew ew ew ew EWWWW!!!

I look so cocked eye right?? *tears hair out*

This got me inspired to do my own version of what i would've wished for on my wedding day! I always think that brides should look glowy and really natural on their big day! I think i went a little overboard on "natural" though... the husband says i look like i have nothing on my face! -____-

Stuff i used:
Pond's Magic Powder

NARS Deep Throat

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


MAC Whistle es (brow highlight and inner Vs)
MAC Claire de Lune es (highlight)
MAC Saturnal es (all over crease)
MAC Photogravure Technakohl (upper and lower outer lashlines, tightline)
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara


MAC 1N Lippie

Oh well, thats a good attempt i guess! lol!! If all else fails, at least i can wear this to the office right? hahaha!! :P And before i end, here's a bridal kiss for all of you...


Hahaha... have a great weekend ahead everyone! :D


  1. the ma did some wonky makeup indeed, but you looked beautiful nonetheless!

    haha, your last photo's adorable! :)

  2. Hah!! you're as cute as a button *kisses back* :p

    Really toooo natural. but a winged eye looks more flattering on you! The MUA gave you the puppy dog eyes that made your eye look droopy a little. but still very very pretty :D

  3. awwww Its bad if you look back and don't like your wedding makeup ! You still look cute though but your version is way prettier especially the last photo :) :) :) Sooo cute!!!!!

  4. aiyo! so pretty! :D

    but ur version too natural la~~~~~

    jeles jeles!

  5. Maggie: yeah!! I was sooooo mad, but we were rushing for time already so i didn't get her to redo it for me!! T_T

  6. Connie: ahahaha!! *shy*

    well, she not only gave me puppy eyes, she gave me "tai sai ngan" (big small eyes)!!! Angry!! >.<

  7. Nikki: you're too kind la!! *whispers: though i agree with you secretly...* hahahaha!! XD

  8. Plue: yeah... it's definitely too sheer!! >.< will try to be more heavy handed next time!! hahaha!! :D

    Why jealous?? Your turn coming soon!!! hahahaha!! When give "saman"??? XD

  9. You looked so pretty on your wedding day, Jenn!

  10. Awww... thank you vonvon!! I believe all brides are most beautiful on their wedding day! :D

  11. i still think u look radiant in dat wedding pic..

    well,my mom sez dat evry bride wud look radiant n beautiful simple cz their r young n happy..huhu..(but i still do blv in d magic of makeup tho..hikz~)

  12. tai sai ngan some more ah? hah! you got do makeup trial first not?

    Plue wants to book me for her wedding :p

  13. Kay: ahaha thank you!!

    Both you and your mum are right!! A happy bride is a radiant gorgeous bride, and makeup completes the look! :D

  14. Connie: i didn't!! The stupid bridal house didn't offer trial session, and if i wanted to try, i have to pay the full price (RM300!!!)! I should have known better and get my own makeup artist instead!! That's one of the things that i regretted lor!!

    OMG really?!!! I feel so excited for both of you!! You'll definitely do an amazing job!! You MUST post pictures k!! hehehe!! :D

  15. buahahahaha! i trust her enuff to do my makeup la! :P

    i wanna see how she can transform my puny eyes! :P

  16. hehehe i'm sure she'll do a great job... and that you'll be a GORGEOUS bride!! ;)

  17. I think you're very photogenic and despite the disservice the makeup artist did, you look angelic.
    Oh cos, from your FB collection, I think there are very gorgeous shots of you from that red letter day. ;-)

    I wonder how wayang I will look on my actual day. Still counting down to Oct 2009.

  18. Ivy: you're always so kind and generous with your compliments!! *whispers: They make me so happy!!!* hahahaha!!:D

    Oh shusssh, you'll surely look GORGEOUS on your big day!! A little more than 4 months to go!! Stay pretty!! :D

  19. Sorry, but did you use all those eyeshadows for real? There seems to be just one colour on your lids. Good effort though. & you looked radiant on your big day, the lip colour is pretty.

  20. Yes i did Anon! You have sharp eyes though - yep i only used the Saturnal es all over my crease. The other two colors are highlights as a wash and on the brow bone :)

    Thank you!! I was wearing the MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass over whatever lipgloss the bridal house used! :)

  21. i too think tht ur last pic looks so cute :D and oops im late, but congrats for yr big day!

  22. hehehe thank you so much girl!! :D

  23. love ur brows! they're perfect.

    u shud show us step by step how you achieve such perfect arches ;-)

    thanks! ;) looking 4wd to ur ever helpful tips

  24. Thanks Anon!! :D Ok, i'll see what i can do!! Stay tuned! lol! :D

  25. That's a lovely photo of you :) Your makeup has to be heavy, or else you'll look washed out on your wedding day in photos. Although I wouldn't use orange :P

    The makeup artist did mine well for my wedding, although I thought she could have held back a bit on the eyebrows. Mine looked too "perfect".

  26. Yeah!! Orange is so yuck!! >.<

    But perfect is a good thing!! hehehe!! :D I'm sure you looked really ravishing on your big day! :D


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