Sunday, April 12, 2009


I no longer want the Epi Leather Speedy 25! I'm serious!!

I popped by the local Vuitton store yesterday, excited because i'm finally getting to check out my looooong craved for bag (some of you may remember that i said i MUST own the speedy 25 by 25 before, and this is my year! lol!!)!

The staff in there were really nice and courteous! They let me play with all the bags i wanted without being impatient and snooty! Thumbs up for them! lol! :D

Needless to say, the first items i checked out were the Epi Leather Speedys! I thought they'd be really stiff, but they're actually quite soft in person! But the thing is, even the Speedy 25 looked ridiculously bulky on me... instead of making me look good, it made me look frumpy. Like, really really aunty-ish frumpy!! :( :(

Oh well, i guess this baby and I were not meant to be... maybe the Nikon D90 would be a better match for me... nyahahaha...

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  1. hahahaha! I can't even afford one LV in my 25. (Or maybe I don't even want it :X)

    But seriously, too many people carry LV nowadays, become so common already. -_-"

  2. Ahahaha... not to say i can afford also la!! But i've been saving up for years for this di!! hehehe!! :D

    I agree man... too many LVs on the road. Fortunately not too many Chanels yet.. hmmmm... :D :D :D

  3. LV is too far away from me = = i not even dare to walk in their shop at Pavilion :P

  4. Argh... what happened to my comments? Anyway, I'm very glad you didn't get it lah. Not nice, like a guy's bag leh. You need something that looks sweeter! ^_^
    Are you 25??? OMG O_O I'm like... turning 33 this year lor! =P

  5. Piggy: yeah, actually back home i also dun dare to step into the LV boutique... hahaha! :P

  6. Cath: oh really??? Then luckily i didn't buy lah!! hahaha!! I still think that it looks great!! and i'm envious of those girls who can carry this off!! :P In the meanwhile, i shall stick to my colorful nikes i guess!! hahaha! :D

    Yeah i'm 25... ahaha!! You're 33??? Honestly i can't tell!! You look so young!! :)

  7. I know what you mean about wanting something so badly then when you finally hold it, it looks weird on you! Aunty-ish isn't a good adjective :) lol

  8. Always when I look other girls carrying a Speedy, I think "wow, it looks so pretty!", but when I tried it at the store, it's like you described. ;(

    Speedy doesn't love me. Hehe...

    I got myself the Monogram Galliera and the Neverfull instead. :D

  9. Nikki: surprisingly i'm not too bummed about it though... in fact, i was breathing a sigh of relief... hahahaha!! XD

    oh yeah... even i couldn't stand the sight of me holding on to that bag... >.<

  10. Jess: Hi5!! The speedy no love me too!! :(

    I like the shape of the Neverfull!! Wow... you have two Vuittons, do i hear Ka-Ching! :D

  11. Honestly, the black is so ordinary, nothing to shout about. I'm eyeing the one in RED. Yes, some may think that LV is getting very common nowadays, but I just hate those who using the imitation LV to make it so common....

  12. Not sure how you feel about Coach but I thought you might like the Madison Leather Sabrina Satchel. Doesn't scream Coach like the other models but IMO looks like the feminine version of Epi Speedy 25.
    Now you know my other wishlist! =P

  13. Anon: To be honest the black one is not my first choice too!! I wanted the Ivory one! But then again white is like so hard to care for... i'll be heartbroken if it stains!! T_T

    The Red one is HOT! but i think you have to hurry though... they no longer produce that color already! They replaced it with an eggplant colored one!! >.<

    The imitations are so ugly!! I can tell with one glance that its fake man!! :P

  14. Cath: I'm not really into coach as i'm not a fan of monograms!! But i have to admit that awhile ago i was SOOOO tempted to buy their Legacy Leigh Leather Pocket Flap! That one looks great!! :D

    So when are you getting your Coach? ;)

  15. Hey, you look great with the Chanel 2.55 so aim for that instead. I also haven't gotten my Chanel yet. Taking an 'inspired' version. Not imitation (that type cannot make it loh), but a version that gives Chanel a good run for its $$.

    I want a Coach Sabrina so badly.

  16. Hohoho... i don't think i'll be able to afford the 2.55 anytime soon! :(

    The Sabrina's pretty!! When you going US again? Maybe can buy from there! hahaha! :D

  17. Aiyah... I tell you, I've been looking at Coach for the last FIVE years... but just can't bring myself to buy their handbags leh. So far I've only gotten a wallet and key ring for myself and presents for my hubby, mum, MIL and sister.
    I'm quite 'against' the Coach monograms actually. Maybe cos so many are carrying Coach monograms bag! Geez... I sound snooty!

  18. You're so good!! I want a mum / sister like you too!! hahaha!! :P

    hi 5! i don't really like the Coach jacquard series, just because its sooo common nowadays! :P

    We can be snobs together then!! hahaha!! :P

  19. The red one's nice. One of my girlfriends have the red one, and I go green with envy everytime I see her carry it :P

  20. Yes... the red one is really hot!! If i really insist on getting one, it'll either be the red or white one!! hehehe!! :D


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