Friday, April 24, 2009

MAC A Rose Romance Collection now online!

From cheeks that blush, just a pinch, to soft rosebud shades and refreshingly fragrant fixes, it's a summer rose romance. Rosy pinks, faithful fuchsias and forget-me-not blues...a limited-edition collection of colours, to pick, peruse and ponder.

The beauty powders are SO BEAUTIFUL right?!! After seeing swatches, i'm more or less sticking to my original list of Blush of Youth, Silverthorn es, Virgin Kiss lipglass and Way to Love lippie. I'll have to see Summer Rose, the Fix+ Rose and the gel blush in person first before deciding if i want to bring them home with me!

Do checkout Karla Sugar for wonderful swatches of this collection!! :D

Is this collection calling out to you, or are you skipping this for good? Do share! :D

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  1. I'll have to skip this!!! I die liao, I tell you! I just spent like more than 430USD at
    Would have considered the Rose Fix+ for my friend but I bought her the Jill Stuart Mixed Blush instead.

  2. Wow!! $430 is alot!! :S What didcha buy?? :D

    You're such a kind friend!! Jill Stuart blushes are so pretty!!! :D

  3. Several lipsticks! Argh... I did purchase some facial products from Sofina Beaute though (emulsion, essence and UV lotion). This range is suppose to be for those in their 30s and 40s. -_-" Yes, that's me!

    Oops... I'm hijacking the post! =P Off topic liao.

    Anyway, this girl has been my friend for at least 10 years liao... and I hardly even buy her birthday presents! The JS blush is really very HER. Sweet and princess-like. Ah... she's Sheri at my twitter account. She doesn't know about the blush yet! Don't tell hor? ^_^

  4. icic!! do let me know how you find them!! sadly i've never used any japanese products before!!

    no worries about hijacking the post lah!! hehehe!! :D

    You're such a great friend!! I'm she that she'll LOVE the present!! :D Your secret's safe with me!! hehehe!! :D


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