Thursday, April 16, 2009

FOTD: Pink Rocker look! :D

Ok, here's a FOTD for those who were asking!! ahaha!! Sorry la, abit lazy plus i had a zit attack earlier (okok, excuses begone! :P:P:P). Oh well, better late than never ya!

This came out a little milder than what i've envisioned in my little head. The colors were much more bold in real life though! Man i need a true black eyeshadow!! I want a highly pigmented Veluxe Pearl black!! MAC, are you listening already?!! lol!!

Stuff i used:

Pond's Magic Powder

Enough Said BPB
Sweetness BPB
Eversun BPB (contour)

Maybelline Line n' Design Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown


MAC Solar White es (highlight)
MAC Whistle es (highlight, over Solar White)
MAC Playful es (all over crease)
MAC Velvet Lady es (outer crease and contour)
Loreal Superliner in Noir (upper lashline)
MAC Technakohl in Photogravure (tightlight)
Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 03 Sky Blue (lower lashline)
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara


MAC Fleshpot lippie
MAC She-Gold lipglass


  1. Great FOTD! I always love how you take your pictures - au naturale smile and not pretending/act like a poser!

  2. Lisa: you're too kind!! :D i do post horrible actcuteposer pics of myself sometimes though... hahaha!! XD

  3. You look fantastic! I want your lips!!

  4. Gosh! I thought you were wearing foundation! I like the blue liner below. :D

  5. iamgrape1119: thank you!! you don't want them!! they're always dry and flakey... yuck! :P

  6. Sue: ahahaha... i think all my foundation rancid di can see the oil seperated from the thing one! =X

    i love the blue liner too!! :D :D

  7. ya lookin' hot hot hot!! Maybe not rocker chick but still hot :D Love the lippy color

  8. yeah you really have pretty lips =D

  9. Connie: oh yeah!! this is definitely too mild to be a rocker chick look! lol!! i really need to get a really black eyeshadow! >.<

    The lippie makes me look abit dead though if i don't layer a brighter gloss over it... methinks that the NYX Circe is a better color!! :D

  10. URY: aww.. thank you!! Let me give you a kiss! =* hehehe!! :D

  11. nice look. u look very pretty :)

  12. Thank you Katrina!! It didn't turn out as nice as i hope it to be though... :(


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