Monday, March 16, 2009

Tutorial: How did i use GIMP to create my 2N avatar! :)

Dear Engmin requested for a tutorial on GIMP, so here it is! :D Today, i will show you how to create something like my 2N avatar shown here.

This is what we're trying to achieve today:

It originally looks like this:

It's really quite simple, so don't worry ya!! Before you start, of course you'll need to download the software from here. GIMP is somewhat like photoshop, just that its free for all to use! (ps: i'm not paid to say this (lol!), but it'll be nice if you can give a small donation back to them in acknowledgement for their efforts in developing this yet making this available for free to us!! I'm sure they'll appreciate it, however small the donation is! ) :)

Are you ready? Let's go! :D

1. Open the original picture in GIMP:

2. Duplicate the layer (Layer > Duplicate Layer - the shortcut key for this is Shift+Ctrl+D):

3. Next, we'll remove the colors from the top layer! Goto Colors > Desaturate:

4. A window will popup. Just click ok and tada, the colors are gone from the picture! :)

5. Next, we'll add an alpha channel to this layer - which simply means that we'll make whatever that is under this layer visible once we remove the top layer! :) Goto Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel.

6. Now comes the interesting part, we'll then "erase" wherever we want the colors to be visible again. Pick the eraser tool from the toolbox:

7. You'll see that several options will appear under the toolbox icons. Choose the brush you like (i usually use the round one), and adjust the size accordingly! :)

8. Then just start erasing! :D

And you're done! :D

And if you would like to add some text to your picture, simple select the text icon, choose whichever font you like, adjust the font size accordingly and type into the popup box! :D

Easy peasy isn't it? I hope some of you will find this useful!! :D Do feel free to shoot me questions if you have any, and i'll try my very best to answer them for you ya! :)


  1. so cool! Thanks so much for this, Jenn. I have photoshop and I have no idea how to use it. except to resize images and place watermark... and even that is solely based on following instructions

  2. Jenn, you are too good to me hahaha! Thanks!!

    I didn't use Aqua Eyes yet, I need to get me a sharpener first. It has good reviews, so it better not disappoint me haha.

    I'm quite worried that Orgasm won't show up on my skin, but I'll have to wait and see. You're so much fairer than me and it doesn't show up on you, this bodes bad news for me lol.

    I forced my friend to get it for me cos he's coming back next month. I won't have any makeup mules from the UK anymore!! sniffles

    Waaa, so many blushers from NARS! Jenn, you should maybe do a post on your makeup collection, I bet lots of us will be interested in it =D

    Did you join any sprees on Lowyat before you went back to India? I'm waiting for mine... and it's taking ages!!!

    What do you use Photoscape for? There are so many freewares! My tiny brain feels like exploding lol. Were you some kind of IT consultant/engineer before you went off to India? Sorry for prying!! But I can't help it hahaha

  3. wow..that's a great tutorial :) :D Thanks

  4. Connie: You're welcome hun!! I'm jealous of you!! I want photoshop, though like you my knowledge of it doesn't even scratch the surface!! hehehe!! :D

  5. Engmin: You're most welcome la!! :D

    Yeah, i've read good reviews about the Aqua Eyes too so don't worry la!! I'm sure it'll deliver! :D

    You can always sell away your Orgasm if it doesn't show up on your skin!! I'm sure PLENTY of girls out there are dying to own this!! lol!! Hmmm... i've read in MUA that it does show on some people with darker skin than mine, so i guess its an individual thing?? Maybe my brush cacat la! hahaha!!

    Awww... that's sad!! But at least you can get him to buy you a few times this last round ya? :D

    Ahahaha... my makeup collection is nothing compared to many of you out there!! Feel abit shy to post it! lol!! Will do an entry later in the year la.. since i just did the MAC one late last year... and i havent been buying anything much since then! :D

    I've never joined any sprees from LYN before... but i've purchased ready stocks from there la! Be patient ok?? Sprees are like that!! hehe!! How long has it been already?

    I use photoscape mainly to crop, resize, add text and watermark my photos! It's really simple to use la!! :D Yeah you're right... there're tons of freewares out there!! But my favourite is still photoscape!! It's simple enough for an idiot like me to grasp!! Hehehe!!

    Yeah i'm from the IT field, but i'm neither a consultant or an engineer... just a poorly paid worker at the bottom of the food chain!! lol!! XD

    Which line are you in?? I assume you're working di?? :D

  6. Nikki: You're too kind! hehehe!! You're most welcome girl!! :D

  7. omg too cool!!!! ima try and d/l and if give my donation hehe photoshop is too expensive!

  8. Vanessa: Thank you!!! :D Yes, photoshop is seriously expensive!! I hope i can find a job which gives me a copy for free!! lol!! :D

  9. I only have photoshop cuz it was my mom's.... >.< what a waste! I don't even know how to use it.. argh..

    hehe. I tried this tutorial already. works!! but I don't have pretty eyes like yours la. mine so black >.<

  10. Awww.. girl!! You have your pretty contacts!! They're even more mesmerizing than my eyes IMHO.. lol!! Mine is just plain brown! :D

    Don't worry la.. just play around with it whenever you're free! Sooner or later you'll master it already! :D

  11. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm going to try this out on photoshop, since it's very similar to GIMP anyway :)

  12. You're welcome Tine! :D Yes, this is even easier to do in Photoshop... just duplicate the layer and erase! haha!! :D


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