Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today is...

... Jenn's Lipglass Day! lol!

I was going through my list of stuff i got (yes, i do keep a spreadsheet of all my stuff!!), and realised that its been exactly one year since i got my first MAC lipglass - the 2N from the N-Collection! Time goes fly, huh! :D

This lipglass definitely deserves an "avatar" of its own:

Click here to read my review of this lipglass! :D

This is the culprit that made me into the (MAC) lipglosseater i'm today!! lol!! Ever since i bought this lipglass i have never bought any lipgloss from other brands!! I'm hooked! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing though...

Which one is your first lipglass from MAC? :D


  1. I have the dress-set lipglasses but my FAVE is Florabundance. Such a pretty nude color! My only full-sized lipglass is Hothouse.. it was a gift and such a wrong color for me -_-

  2. oh! and how do you make those avatars? photoshop? I such at it :(

  3. I decided to get things from MUFE and NARS instead of MAC, that's why I can resist Sugar Sweet hahaha...

    Did you see the beauty powders from A Rose Romance? Very pretty!!! Now, that I might get ;p

  4. oh wow!!! really!!!! Now you got me intrigued!

  5. Whoa!! Hothouse is such a special color!! hahaha!! You MUST do a FOTD for me to see!! :D

    i need to checkout florabundance... everytime i goto the stores i got suckered in by the LEs... i almost never give the perm line a look!! >.<

    I did the avatars using Gimp (the free version of photoshop!)! It's quite easy actually!! :D

  6. Engmin: ahhhh icic!! What didcha get from these two brands? *kaypo mode on* :D

    Ohhhh yes!!! The ARR blushes look sooo pretty!!! i can't wait to see them in person!! I wanna get the rose scented Fix+ too! :D

  7. Nikki: ohh yeah!! What is your first lipglass? :D

  8. Strawberry Blonde, from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection :)

  9. Oh i remember that one!! :D It looks really nice on your lips!! :D


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