Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was nominated by Awilda Fashionista!! Awww... thank you hon!! I'm truly honored!! :D

1.When you receive this award, show that you're happy to the giver!
2.Nominate at least 5 blogs, that you think rocks!
3.Let them know about award in their post.
4.Now blog like you've never blogged before!

I nominate:

1. Nikki from
2. Connie from
3. Syen and Kahani from So Loverly
4. Plue from
5. Tine from

Keep rocking girls!! :D


  1. I love to see what people bought too, so I don't mind any kepo-ness! hahaha

    Silkygirl doesn't have a black pencil liner so I decided to get MUFE's Aqua Eyes in 0L. I can get a couple of Silkygirls for one MUFE! *ehem ehem, shouldn't get too agitated*

    I'm ordering two items ONLY (for now!! haha) from NARS. A Multiple Duo and a blush. My collection of NARS products is slowly growing, from a foundation and pressed powder, and now these items!

    You are in India now right, Jenn? You are getting ARR there? Or ordering online hahaha

  2. Lol!! I guess us beauty addicts are like that!! heheh!! :D

    Yeah, that is one gripe i have about the silkygirl funky eyelights! i wish they release both black and dark brown ones!! i've heard great reviews of the MUFE one... but that's quite ex wor!! Like you say, can get a few silkygirl ones already with that price! :D

    Ahhh... Which multiple and blush you got?? NARS blushers are really addictive man... i want them all!! hahaha!! :D

    Yep, i'm in India now! I do have a MAC store here, so i can check the ARR collection out in store! Me no like the prices here though... the blushers here are more ex by RM20 each... heart pain lor!!

    btw, where are you at? Malaysia?? how didcha order the NARS stuff?? hehehe!!

  3. MUFE's liner is not only quite exp, it's very exp! I never thought that I'd spend this kind of money on a pencil of any kind! hahaha

    I was thinking of getting the Orgasm blush, but I'm afraid that it won't show up on me. What do you think? I'm MAC NC25-30.

    Yeah, I'm in Malaysia now. My friend in the UK is getting those NARS items for me. Since the conversion rate is quite low now, it's almost comparable to buying in the US.

    If Orgasm doesn't suit me, I hope my friend didn't get it yet! But if he already did, then I can do nothing. It's THE blush, that's why I want it even if it doesn't really show on me hahaha.

    MAC is over priced here, and worse in India! What if you really like those beauty powders and Fix+? Are you buying them there?

    What other items do you have from NARS? Spill! hahaha

    Oh yes, can you do a tut on GIMP? Which software do you use the most?

  4. Aww sweet. Thanks for the award babes ;)

  5. LOL Engmin!! But if the pencil works great, i guess it's worth the price tag ya?? How do you find it? :D

    Hmmm... it depends la!! Personally Orgasm doesn't really show up on me, and i'm NC20-25. It does make a rather pretty highlighter though! Yeah but like you say, it's THE BLUSH to own, so go figure!! lol!! You're so lucky to have a friend there to buy for you!! :D

    Yeah MAC is definitely overpriced here in India. I'll be getting the ARR stuff here! What to do... hahaha!! :D

    Ahaha.. i have only 4 blushes from NARS - Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Deep Throat and Torrid! :)

    Oh ok, i'll try to do the tut by this week ya? I seldom use GIMP la. most of the time i'll be using Photoscape, which is another great freeware! :D

  6. Tine: You're most welcome!! You deserve it girl!! :D

  7. Ooh thanks so much, babe. =)

    Your blog rocks mui hard btw. =P

  8. kahani: You're welcome!! Let's rock on together!! hahaha!! :D


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