Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MAC A Rose Romance Pictures!!

Here're some pictures of this collection, thanks to the wonderful Risser from Specktra.net!

Check out the color story here.

After seeing pictures, i think my shopping list has just grown!! I now want:

- Both beauty powders
- Two lippies
- One (maybe two) gloss
- Silverthorn es
- Fix+ Rose

Am trying very hard to resist the See Through Lip colors and the gel blush... they look SO PRETTY!! :D~~

Are you lemming for anything in this collection? Has seeing these pictures changed your wish list? Spill! :D


  1. oooh... blush of youth looks so pretty....

  2. Ohh, Summer Rose and Blush Of Youth are sooo pretty colours!

    Definitely will check these items out, as soon as this collection is launched here.

    thanks for the preview! ;)

  3. wow!!!!i like tis colour very much .it's so nice ....is tis product out already????

  4. Shucks! I've not shopped AT ALL! Argh... Trying so hard not to break my bank. =(

  5. Hello, :) I like the Steal My Heart lipglass, it definitely steals my heart! :)

    p.s.I'm new. Love your site. :)

  6. Yes it is!! I can't wait to see it in person!! :)

  7. Jess: Yes they are!! Any idea when this collection will be available over there? :)

  8. mimi meow: no, this will only be launched in the US next month! Unless you're in Taiwan... lucky girls there will get this today!! :)

  9. Cath: lol!! Dun worry, do you have a birthday / anniversary coming up?? can ask nicely from your hubby!! hahaha!! :P

  10. Natalie: i like that one too!! :D

    Welcome to my site, and i'm glad you like it! ;)

  11. Haha... I'm going mad looking at MAC e/s swatches. Just going irrational I tell you! Pregnant women are very dangerous shoppers. They want to buy EVERYTHING!!! Anyway... Both the blushes are BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Ahaha... you are very funny la!! lol!! I think i'll be worse than you then... i want to buy everything and i'm not even pregnant!! hahaha!!

    Yes!! The blushes are sooo pretty!! <3

  13. I like Blush of Youth and Steal My Heart!!!


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