Friday, March 20, 2009

MAC A Rose Romance Collection

Suggesting Sonnets celebrated for centuries: “Come into my garden, I would like my roses to see you!” poet Sir Richard Brinsley Sheridan once said, and what lady could resist such flattery?

Lipsticks - $14.00USD
  • A Rose Romance - Mid-tone pink with gold pearl
  • Odyssey - Spiked-up plum
  • Way To Love - Creamy light yellow pink

Lipglass - $14.00USD
  • Magnetique - Frosted violet fuchsia
  • Steal My Heart - Sheer bright pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Virgin Kiss - Sheer pale pink with multi-dimensional pearl

See Thru Lip Colour - $14.00USD
  • Secret Crush - Sheer red berry
  • Loving Touch - Sheer pearly light pink
  • Tender Tryst - Sheer pearly plum

Pigments - $19.50USD
  • Mutiny - Clean sky blue with gold pearl
  • Circa Plum - Frosty dirty mid-tone laevnder

Eye Shadows - $14.50USD
  • Et Tu, Bouquet? - Frosted pale pink gold
  • Of Summer - Frosted light dirty mauve
  • Creme de Violet - Vivid pinkish-violet flecked with gold shimmer
  • Silverthorn - Mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Shadowy Lady - Darkly veiled plum

Just A Pinch Gel Blush - $18.50USD
Sheer gel cheek blush in a pot delivers a rosy glow of coverage for a healthy complexion. Dewy texture blends into a thin film on skin, giving low to medium transparent coverage.
  • Just A Pinch - Sheer red pink tint

Beauty Powders - $22.00USD
  • Blush of Youth - Clean pink with gold pearl
  • Summer Rose - Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer - $11.00USD
  • Love & Friendship - Creamy dirty mid-tone lavender

Mascara - $12.00USD
  • Splashproof Lash - Blacksplash (Black)

Fix+ Rose
An aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals, infused with a Calm-the-Skin blend of green tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, topped off with the scent oF 100% natural rose water. Adds radiance, finishes makeup.

Creations Hue: Dejarose
A striking bouquet of lush Bulgarian, Turkish, and Tea Red Roses is ruffled with dewy watery and luminous green nuances. Velvety petals of exotic orchid, lily, jasmine and peony are teased with a hint of crimson red raspberry and the gentle texture of pink pepper. The interplay of light and dark woods, weathered teak contrasting with patchouli, adds to the intensity, while hypnotic incense vapours and amber crystals lend a sense of intrigue and allure to this sensuous creation.

This collection is SO PRETTY!! I'm sure all of you will agree with me! :D The rose pattern on the beauty powers is so intriguing and lovely! I'll be bringing one home with me for sure (unless the texture sucks of course!)! :D Also, i'm really curious about the gel blush!! If it gives a healthy natural glow like Benetint, then i may buy it too! hehehe!! :D I've always wanted to buy the Fix+ but am always distracted by the LE stuff! I'm so glad i didn't buy the regular one so now i can actually buy this one!! Rosewater Fix+ sounds GREAT! :D This collection will be available in the US on the 23rd of April!

What will you be getting from this collection? :D

Credits: Pictures and Color Story from both and


  1. ARR looks so good right? Is everything LE or permanent? Blush of Youth sounds like a typical blush... but Summer Rose's a different story. Violet pink sounds interesting! What do you think? Which one are you getting?

    Do get the HK stuff, the limited edition packaging makes a nice touch haha. I can't recall the name of a collection that's gonna be released in June, something Honey if I'm not mistaken. That one looks good too.

    You call the MA for the release date, that shows that you ARE a die hard MAC fan lol.

    I got me some ELF! And 50% off on the items yay =D

    How do you go about in India? The hubby drives you around? Or you zip around yourself? How's life there?

    I love blush too! They brighten up my face, makes me look more alive.
    Btw, my friend finally ordered NARS and it already reached his place! One thing for sure, the speed for free shipping in the UK is different from Malaysia.

    Don't worry, I'll still chat with you daily even though you are an evil enabling temptress! =D lol

  2. Certain items are permenant, but most of the items will be LE :) Can check them out over at the specktra forum la.

    I can't really carry off violet pink blushes (a little too cool for me skintone), so i'm going for Blush of Youth! :)

    Yep, i'll definitely be getting a couple items from HK. Hopefully i can get a balloon too!! hehehe!! :D The June one should be Naked Honey! That's another collection that i'll most likely skip, besides the beauty powders of course! :D

    Ahahaha... yeah, i'm a little kiasu so i always call up the local MAC to check. Unlike in Penang where my MA will call me whenever a new collection is out. I miss her so much!! :( The MAs here are a little aloof and don't really go out of their way to help pathetic MAC addicts like me! hahaha!!

    Ahhh... ELF! I heard about the 50% sale too!! We have ELF off the shelves at Guardian here in India, but i havent gotten any chances to check them out yet! :P

    We don't own a car here because its simply too dangerous to drive! I kid you not... drivers in India can drive anywhere else in the world! :S We usually take those auto rickshaws everywhere we go. They're cheap, but most of them are dishonest so its quite frustrating to argue with them sometimes >.<

    Life here is alright! While i love the cool weather, it's a little quiet for my liking... quiet in the sense that there's simply no place to go during the weekends! lol!! Thankfully i still have a MAC store here!! if not i'll cry man!! hahaha!!

    Wow... the delivery for NARS is really fast la!! I thought just a few days ago your friend still havent order right? I so agree about the Malaysian postal system... it took IIRC more than a week for the customs in KL to post my Benefit parcel to Penang... and the postman actually delivered it to the wrong house man!! Thankfully the lady is honest, and she returned the package to me... otherwise i think i'll flip out man!

    Ahaha... you're too kind Engmin!! Though i don't think i'm evil... i'm just a MAC Crazed person!! hahahaha! :P

    Have a great weekend ahead!! Whats in store for ya? :D

  3. Man, this collection is so pretty!!! I wanna get the blusher but I just got Nars. :S I wanna get some lipgloss/lipssitck too, but I still have tones of them!


  4. Yeah, this collection is really pretty!! :D

    Which NARS blush didcha get? :D

    Dun worry la, a girl cannot have too much makeup! woops! =X

  5. Hahaha... Yah, Jenn's not evil. She's just oppressed by the MAC demons! =P
    Anyway, thinking of getting the Blush of Youth for my dear friend (the one born in Penang!) But this range is launched only April right? ...
    Me waiting for the Honey Collection. =P Hee...

  6. Cath: But i have been a good girl this year already... i havent bought any makeup yet... and it's march already!! hahaha!! :D

    Ahhh!! So sweet of you to get this blush for your friend! :D I think we girls in Asia will most likely get it in May?

    What will you eyeing from the Naked Honey collection? :D

  7. It's already March and you have not bought any makeup?!!! Wah... does your hubby know or not? He must reward you by footing the next MAC bill! Hee... Mm... quite impressed.
    I guess it's 'good' that I'm allergic to their lip prdts huh? Cos those attract me most actually.
    I'm curious about the e/s colours from the NH collection. Also, wondering how the body prdts will smell!
    My dear friend is fast becoming a yellow-faced housewife because of her THREE children! Her blush is already several years old! Poor dear... She also mentioned that she needs a moisturiser. Mm... maybe I can get her a Fix+. Can be used as a light moisturiser right?

  8. Yes Cath!! Surprising right?? Hahaha!! Anyways i think the past few collections have been pretty blah! I even personally think that HK is overrated though i'll be getting a few items for collection's sake. My husband knows and have been praising me! hahaha!! :P

    Yeah!! It's "good" that you're allergic to their lipstuff... otherwise i think you'll spend even more money on MAC lippies! hehehe!!

    The eye colors from NH are very neutral - perfect for the office! :D I'm just probably getting the beauty powders, but i'll have to say that their body products look very yummy!! :D~~

    Whoa!! Three children is really a handfull ya!! She's so lucky to have a friend like you! hehehe!!

    The Fix+ works more like a toner... don't think it hydrates very much, so maybe you can get something else for her?

    Which moisturizer are you using now? :D

  9. I bought the Nars Orgasm but with the glittering one. More for a heavier make-up look since my blusher are all kinda normal like for everyday make-up.

    Hahahahaha I'm now less crazy about make-up eh! But I like to play with eyeliner colors these days! :P

  10. icic... guess you got the Super Orgasm huh!! hehe!! I prefer this one over the original Orgasm actually!! :D

    Yeah i noticed you seldom put on makeup nowadays di!! :D I love colored eyeliners too!! Which ones are you using? :D

  11. I bought this set of MakeUpForever one. There's like 5 in it but they're kinda like those sample size. So just nice for me to play around. Hahah Yeah I seldom put on makeup... Lazy. :P But if I put also quite simple one. Nothing too dramatic these days. Haha.

    But I think I'll make up like very often again when I go home. L0L.

  12. icic!! That's perfect for you to play around ya since its small and you have 5 colors! :D

    I'm also lazy to makeup lor... no occasion for me to put also! hahaha!! :D Like you i think i'll makeup alot more when i go back! hehehe!! :D

  13. hi there, do you happen to know the date of when this collection is coming into KL?
    thanks =)

  14. I have no idea!! So sorry about that!

    Typically most collections will be available in MY about a month or so after its launched in the US, so i'm guessing that this should be available in May / June? Do give your nearest MAC store a call just to confirm ya! :)

  15. kay thanks
    can't wait for this collection to hit stores!

  16. You're welcome anon!! Me too!!! :D


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