Monday, March 2, 2009

MAC Grand Duos Collection

Mineralization has swept the beauty nation, but MAC makes the next move with Grand duos: Mineralize blush that has a marbelized mélange on one side, and a complementary mono-shade on the other.

Soft-shimmer, super-shine pearl in a pretty tricolour veining to enhance and glorify cheekbones, followed with the pop and dimension of solid colour shimmer without an overly-frosted look. The 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush makes the transition magnificent. A sophisticated but simple new way to get your vital minerals.

MSF Blush Duos - (LE) $22.50USD
  • Light over Dark - Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
  • Grand Duo - Copper pink mélange / Plum
  • Love Rock - Gold violet mélange / Bright blue pink
  • Moon River - Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink
  • Intenso - Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
  • Hot Planet - Copper yellow mélange / Mid-tone plum
  • Earth to Earth - Purple bronze mélange / Yellow brown

  • #188 Brush - A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres. (Perm) - $34.00USD

Ok girls, now's your cue to scream your lungs out! lol!! This collection will definitely appeal to Mineralize blush addicts! I'm just hopping that the texture of the blushes will be as wonderful as last year's Sonic Chic blushers! Though i'm not tempted by any of the blushes in this collection, i'll have to say that Moon River looks really beautiful from the pics i've seen! This collection will be available in the US on the 12th of this month! :)

Which ones are you bringing home with you? :D

Credits: Pics and Color Story from


  1. ooooo love the second and third one and the top row ♥

  2. Way cool! Not sure about which blush but I'll check out Butternutty and Lemon Chiffon. Wonder if I should get them online. =P

  3. lovey: hehehe!! i would have gotten all of them too if they weren't that expensive!! :D

  4. Cath: looks like you're all in for the shadesticks huh!! :D

    Hmmm... issit cheaper to get from online?? I know for us Malaysian girls, it may be even more expensive! :(

  5. Some things are a little cheaper I think. But the shipment will cost me about S$28. Have not sat down to compare the prices for a while already. Heh..
    I'm also thinking of getting the MSF blush duos. But need to see swatches first. Top row 2nd, and Bottom row 1st caught my attention.
    Also hor... now I'm wondering if I should use another brush to apply my blush. I'm using 129 but I've always found it awkward to use. =(

  6. i read from somewhere saying this blush duo cost RM95 each. I am definitely to get one item from this collection, but might wait first since this is permanent, no need to rush :p

  7. Cath: icic... i think the Grand Duos are available in SG di so you can go check them out!! :D Geeko has some wonderful swatches here so do check them out too! :)

  8. Piggy: oh, i didn't know that they were permenant!! i thought they're LE!! hehehe!!

    I SHOULD be skipping this collection, since i'm not a fan of glittery blushes! But who knows if i might change my mind when i see them in person! lol!!


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