Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FOTD: Neutrally Pink!

I know, i know, i haven't done a FOTD for ages!! lol!! This is a simple look that i did when i was back in Penang! I like how the pink breaks the dull monotony of the browns and greys! :D

Stuff i used:
Silky White Magic Face Powder

NARS Deep Throat
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush (contour)

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


MAC Smoke & Diamonds es (all over crease)
MAC Charred es (outter crease and contour)
MAC Playful es (at creaseline)
MAC Nylon es (highlight)
MAC Photogravure Technakohl (Upper and lower outer lashline & tighline)
Silkygirl Funky Eyelights in 08 Frosty Silver (inner lower lashline)

MAC Lollipop Loving lippie (uber love!!)


  1. definitely a wonderful wearable shade ! Love the colors

  2. It's not as pink as I'd imagine to be (oh hang on, you did mention neutral, didn't you? :P), but definitely pretty nevertheless :)

  3. like it. very neutral and sweet.

  4. sweet and innocent <3

  5. Nikki: Thank you!! yeah it's pretty subtle!! hehehe!! :D

  6. Tine: the pink is definitely brighter IRL!! It's a peekaboo effect though, you can only see it when i blink or look down!! Maybe thats why la!! hahaha!! :P

  7. fann fann: awww... thank you!! :D

  8. lovey: ahahaha thanks!! i don't think i'm very innocent though... i just look the part!! hahaha!! XD

  9. this is lovely! =)
    btw, you back to india dy? so fast.. :(
    but this also means that you have more time to post right? XP
    want more FOTD!!

  10. Very pretty! I'm really into subtle and neutral pink on my eyes these days, and this look hits all my right buttons. ^_^

  11. Katrina: aww.. thank you!! :D

  12. Piggy: ahahaha yah, i'm back in India already... sooooo sad lah!! :( but on the bright side, you're right!! I do have more time to post already!! hehehe!! :D

    i'll try to do more FOTDs for you k!! I'm sooo lazy nowadays! lol!!

  13. Mis Small: thank you!!! I love neutral looks too... though i'm just warming up to pinks on my lids recently... they make me look so swollen!! haha!

  14. I like the peekaboo effect! Nice look, Jenn!

    Are you getting anything from the Sugar Sweet collection? How much does a MSF retail in Malaysia?

  15. Engmin: Thank you girl!!! :D

    Hmm... nothing really screams out at me at the moment, but who knows what will happen when i see this collection in person!! lol!!

    The MSF should be about RM103 / RM105 thereabouts?? can't remember the exact amount!! :D

    What will you be getting from the sugarsweet collection?? :D

  16. Oh, how pretty! I like your eyes with slightly darker colors! :)

    Somehow gives them more depth.

  17. Thank you Jess!! I have to be careful with dark colors though as they can make my eyes look smaller sometimes!! >.<

  18. Thanks Jenn!

    I might be getting Perfect Topping and Aquavert... I'm not sure yet haha.

    RM60-70 (how much does a single cost?) for a single shadow is a bit too much IMO, so I might not get Aquavert afterall. But right now, it's calling me haha. I don't think I can ever hit the pan, my first ever blush (from MAC) still looks pristine!

  19. Ahhh icic!! MAC shadows go for RM57 each.

    I agree with you!! My first shadow, the Satin Taupe, which i use soo often, has yet to have a dip on the surface after 2 years!! >.<


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