Friday, February 27, 2009


Remember the Diva stuff i got for only RM8 each that i mentioned earlier? A few days after i got my stuff, the whole store closed down, much to my dismay!! :(

However, there's something new in store for all of us Penang girls!! In place of Diva, we will soon have:

Etude House!!! *squeals*

The target completion date of the renovation works was stated as 09/03, so i'm guessing that they should be open by mid or latest by end March!! Go check their stuff out for me k!! :D

As for myself, i'll be cancelling my internet connection later, so i guess i'll only see you guys when i'm back in India on Sunday! It kinda suck to have to end my "holiday" and go back there after 6 great weeks back home... i feel like crying already :(

Wish me a safe journey back there ya!! In the meanwhile, stay pretty and take care until we meet again! :D


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would that be in Queensbay?

    Have a safe journey back :)

  2. Mm... have a safe journey back to India! Your holiday has been very fruitful huh? See you again in a while's time!

  3. Tine: yep you're right!! Queensbay!! :D :D when's your next trip home?? :D

  4. Cath: thank you!! Yeah, my holidays have been really fulfilling for me!! :D

    see you soon ya!! :D

  5. Hi Jenn! Back from your well deserved vacation?
    Looks like you had a ball of a time.
    My wedding date is 3 Oct but we need to get so so many things done inclusive of bridal shots so that's a lot of work given my work schedule too. Yikes.

    Oh by the way, where is the link for your personal life blogsite? I can't locate it!!!

  6. Wow! I hope they'll open one here too. So envious of you now! :)

  7. Ivy: ahhhh... congrats once again!!! I really can't wait to see your bridal photos, your dress and everything!! feel so excited for you!! hehehe!!

    my personal blog is, haven't updated in ages :P:P ahahaha!!

  8. Hi Eka,

    no need to be jealous of us!! I'm sure you girls over there have a few brands we do not have also!! hehehe!! :D

    yeah, hope they will be available where you are too!! :D

  9. God, I am so not going to lose your personal blog link again. Updated the links on my own site. Yippee! Thanks!
    Keep updating-my beautiful friend.

  10. Ivy: awww... you're always soo sweet and nice!! You MUST update also k!! hehehe :P


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