Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Majolica Majorca Shadow and Cheek Customizes Swatches!!

I had nothing to do the other day, so i decided to do some serious swatching for stuff! lol!! I walked in and out of the store so many times that the staff must have thought that i'm mad! lol!!

Anywaysss here're the swatches for all the Majolica Majorca Shadow and Cheek Customizes available in Watsons! I hope this will be of help to those who're thinking about buying them! The ones on top were taken without flash, and the ones below with! :D

Shadow Customize (RM20.90 each):

Cheek Customize (RM29.90 each):

Methinks that these are really worth buying because they're sooo pigmented and smooth, and they do give other drugstore brands a run for their money!! :D

Pssssst: The shadows are going for RM16.72 each only at Watsons now!! Hurry!! Offer ends 15th Feb!! :D


  1. Hahah... thanks for being mad on our behalf! I'm stuck in school right now... wish I was at Watson's instead!
    Anyway, me looking out for a red blusher from MAC (preferably). Hee... Any rec?

  2. omg thx SO much for these swatches! i've been wanting to see swatches of their e/s forever! i have my eyes on sv821 and bl724^_^

  3. wow the colors are lovely and definitely wearable for everyday! I wish our local Watson's will start to carry MJ products :)

  4. they are very pigmented hor? :D
    i love those e/s!

    i have one of the blusher, i think rd255... but weird la, all the colours when i swatch comes out nearly the same on me for the rd and or... pk was too sweet for my taste :P

  5. lol!!! Guess my insanity did pay off!! lol!! :D

    hmm... the only red blusher that i've seen before in person is the LE Merrily mineralize blusher released last year (should be OOS by now! lol!)! From the website, Franky Scarlet looks like a nice red blush too, so maybe you can check that out as well! :D

  6. No problem P-ham!! Do let us know when you finally get them ya!! :D

  7. Nikki: i agree!! They're really lovely!! I hope MJ is available for you girls over there soon too!!

  8. Plue: come to think of it... they're quite similar also la on my hand... especially the two ORs! :D

  9. Did you buy ALL of them? ;)

    I bought the BL724. Such a beautiful colour.

  10. I like BL724 too! Nice one! btw, don't tell me you really sapu them all ar? :P

  11. Tine & Sue: yeah!! BL724 is my favourite color too!! hehehe!!

    STILLLLLLL thinking la... this week last week liao to get them at a discount liao!! hahahahaha! :P


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