Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection now online!

Hello Kitty Mild, meet Hello Kitty Wild! Sweet and innocent or out on the prowl: when she's good, she's very good, but when she's bad, she's unmistakably M·A·C!

The icon adored by millions around the world is causing a commotion with our special, limited-edition collection of colour, finishes, glitter and shine, and a fanciful range of exclusive, It-Kitty accessories: the season's most sought-after collectibles!

Covet über-cute beaded charm bracelets, devilishly adorable graphic totes, makeup bags, charmed and mirrored key clips...and Hello! Her absolute Must-Have: the fabulous 8" plush Hello Kitty doll!

After seeing swatches of the collection, i'm glad to announce that most of the stuff didn't really scream "BRING ME HOME" to me!! I'll probably be only bringing one lippie and lipglass, and the blushes! Will have to check out the beauty powders in person before i can decide whether i would wanna buy them or not! I heard that they're really sheer! :)

What did you buy / would like to buy from this collection? :D

ps: i'll still have to say that i HATE the MAC site!! Gosh it's taking ages to load!! >.<

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  1. i got goodies! and yes i hate that site too! macpro is still normal lol

  2. Tempted to get the vanity case but... I know IkEA's Glis is a better choice for me. Actually I don't think HK design is very nice. So yah... I'll skip! Waiting for the Naked Honey line though... launching in June/July.

  3. Vanessa: You lucky girl!!! What didcha get?? :D :D We malaysians have to wait till April before we get to see this in person!! :( :(

    hi5 on how we feel about the mac site! lol! at the macpro is still normal! :D

  4. Cath: that's a wise choice!! :D Like you i not really diggin the hk design (not even a fan to begin with! :D) so yeah, the ikea one would be a better idea!! :D

    I'm looking forward to the BBR collection more!! Godspeed already! >.<


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