Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MAC Creme Team Collection now online!

Double desire. Love-me-two-times lips. Introducing Cremesheen Lipglass, the perfect performance teammate for Cremesheen Lipstick. Creamy, quixotic colour, and super-sexy shine. Lips talk a glamorous game.

Karla Sugar has some pretty cool swatches over here so do check them out! :D

BTW, i just have to say i don't like the new MAC site!! Bring back the old one already!! >.<

Off to Langkawi tomorrow, so i'll be MIA for a few days!!Till then, take care and stay pretty! :D


  1. ooh! didn't know MAC had a new site! and I definitely prefer the old site. easier to navigate and doesn't take ages to load :(

  2. I sooo agree with you!! Me no likey the layout too!! :(

  3. Same here! I like the old one where I can see the thumbnail of all the colours. Easier to compare the tones and shades. My MAC haul is coming in about 1 week! So excited!!

  4. hey girly. i was wondering if you was interested in some contacts. let me know.

  5. Cath: yeah... i really wish they would revert to the good ol MAC site!! :D

    What did you buy?? :D :D

  6. Hi Somaly! I don't wear contacts so i'll pass, but thanks for asking!! :)

  7. Nothing exciting, I'm afraid! Just another bottle of foundation, the pump, 2 pkts of the wipes which I LOVE! Mm... A small sharpener... Ooo! I bought the #239 shader brush!
    I'm trying very hard not to get more cosmetics now cos I just ordered like 4 Revlon Colorstay quads from someone from the States, plus 4 lipglazes!
    And now I really need the IKEA Glis box to store all these!

  8. That's quite abit of stuff you got leh!! Do share your loots with us lah when you get them ok?? :D

    I love the MAC wipes too!! They're really good!! :D


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