Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back...

... from the Land of Smiles and Ladyboys, where I:

1. Sampled the most delicious food,

from the usual Thai fare:

Claypot Beef Noodles and Mango Sticky Rice from MBK

The famous duck noodles and piping hot duck's tongue from Pochana at Soi 55

The uber delicious Thai dishes from the Tai Pai Tong stalls near our hotel: Grilled Pork, Sauteed Veggies, Tom Yum Goong and Baked Mussels!

to Japanese:

Yummy stuff from Fuji! :D~

to Western:

The heavenly meat dishes from Sizzler!! The salad bar rocks too!!

to the not-so-conventional stuff:

Salted Snakehead!

A blue Pepsi!

Grasshoppers and maggots!!

2. Set foot on the Death Railway:

3. Touched a tiger (OMG!)

4. Got licked by a giraffe:

5. Saw a Thai protest in person:

6. Sat on a train for the first time:

7. Did some shopping (duh)

Buy 1 Free 1 happiness from Boots! :D

Bayer Aspirin - much cheaper over there!! :D

The wonderful Pond's Magic Powder!!

and a NARS Super Orgasm!! hehehe!!

and finalllllllly, 8. Died happy:

It broke my heart to put it back unto the shelf. It will be mine, somedayyyyyyyyy!!! Somebody donate RM10,200 to me PLEASEEE!! lol!!


  1. omg! im so jealous of u..hw u u eat an elephant n still NOT get fat? wonders~ n also im jealous cz hav d things..okok..almost ALL the food in thailand are not halal..i end up having 2 eat maggie mee we packed frm msia itself the last tyme we went ther~! (hw outrageous aite?)

    ouh~its great too c u had such a good tyme..did u go to the chatchuchak market?we went ther n spent like the whole day..(wndow shopping of course..clothes were to small for me,the american sized asian gurl)..

    huhu..i wanna go cuti-cuti!

  2. omg..lookin at all that food makes me soo hungry!!! lol

  3. welcome back! you had tons of fun didn't you? Hee hee. Come I give you monopoly money... :D

  4. wow! welcome back! You obviously had fun filled, food heaven and shopping heaven experience!!! :) Love all your hauls and you look wonderful! and you chowed all those?? WOW! where did it go?

  5. so fun!!!!! me mish you! faster on msn! LOL!

  6. Blue Pepsi? How cool!!!

  7. omg. 10K for alittle small bag. hahaha.

    You bought only those ar? anymore stuff? :P

  8. Love love love your pics! How was Boots in Thailand? Comparable to the UK ones?

    Oooo a Chanel! Loves it haha

  9. Welcome back!! XD
    how come your skin still fair after thailand trip? wish that i can have a trip too.. ToT

  10. Haha... Welcome back! ^_^
    How did the blue pepsi taste? The same? My students were so funny. They told me they drink Pipesi... that's water from the pipe!
    Anyway, pls let me know if the Boots Cucumber and AV Hand and Nail cream is nice. Cos I'm looking for a good hand cream, and I love the smell of cucumber. My MIL is travelling to UK soon and she'll be able to get it for me.
    Honestly, my daahh...ling, you look way better than that Chanel bag! Harhar... Dunno lah. But I'm not kidding.

  11. Kay: ahahaha... you're too kind la!! If you stare hard enough you'll realise that i don't have much of a waist!! hahahaha!! :D

    You poor girl!!! It's true... even Mcdonalds is not halal in TH!!! Luckily you did pack some maggi mee!! (ahahaha... it's not outrageous to me cuz i'm an instant noodle fan!! =X)

    I didn't go to chatuchak as i went there during the weekdays!! Don't say like that ler... the Thai ladies are reaaaallly slim, not you big sized ler!! I also find their clothing a little small! :P

    When's your holiday?? can go cuti-cuti then!! :D

  12. Nana: yessss!! thinking of all those yummy food makes me hungry too!! i miss them already!! :(

  13. Connie: you bet i did!! it kinda suck that i had to come back though!! lol!! :D

    If only the chanel boutique accepts them monopoly $$$... :'(

  14. Nikki: ahahahaha you're too nice!!! Like i said to Kay, if you look carefully you'll see my thick waist!! hahaha (now why am i telling ppl this... lol!!! =X)

    yeah, bangkok is a wonderful place to do all that - visit, eat, shop!! :D have you been there before?? :D

  15. Plue: Me mish you tooo!!! i onned already!! lol!! XD

  16. hagelschaden: yeah... how unsual isn't it!! :D

  17. Sue: yeah... overpriced but sooo coveted!!! Me wants... *drools* lol!!!

    Yeah, i only bought those lor. I have great self control right??? (hahaha... so thick skinned... XD)

  18. Engmin: Awwww thank you!! :D i've never been to UK so i can't compare!! But the boots in TH looks and feels awfully similar to our Watsons!! :D

  19. Piggy: thank you!! :D I slapped on TONS of sunscreen and i avoid the sun like a plague!! lol!! still, i think i'm darker already!! Nvmla, go back to India i'll become fairer again anyways since i don't see the sun often!! hahaha!! :P

    Must go holiday!!! What's your next destination?? I wanna go Redang!!! :D

  20. cherryblossom: dittoooo!! :D~~~

  21. Cath: ahahaha, your students are so cute!! That's the first time i've heard of that!! lol!! Unfortunately the pipe water in Msia is not safe for direct consumption, otherwise i can steal that phrase and use it for myself!! hehehe!! :D

    The blue pepsi taste almost the same i guess, just a little sweeter and more candy-like! :D

    I'm sorry... i gave the hand creams to my mum already, so i guess i won't be able to review it!! :D i'll steal a use later and let me know what i think ok?? I love cucumber scents too!!

    Aiyo, you praise me until like that... i shy leh!! hahaha!! XD thank you so much for your nice words la... they really made my day!! lol!!

    ps: how far along are you already?? :D

  22. im going to indonesia tho nex fortnite..hikz!

    dat wud b jakarta,jogjakarta n bandung..cant wait! (n there..they do carry my size..albeit not too much)

  23. Kay: congrats!!! i've never been to those places before so pls share picsss and your experience when you're back ya!! hehehe!!

    have a safe and fun trip ya!! :D


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