Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Body Shop Roseflower Spring Makeup Collection Review

I spotted the TBS Roseflower Collection at the store few days ago so here's my humble thoughts on the collection! :D

Roseflower Blush - RM79:

The blush itself is rather matte - the shimmers actually come from the embossed rose pattern! Texture wise it is quite powdery (bordering on being a little chalky), though it is reasonably pigmented.

Shade 01 is a sweet cool pink, whilst shade 02 is a bright reddish pink.

Roseflower Lips - RM49.90:

All 3 lipsticks are rather creamy! The colors, however, look rather similar, and i do think that they could be a little more pigmented!

All 3 lippies side by side:

As you can see, they're not pink at all, but rather reddish! Do not be fooled by the name! lol!

Roseflower Eyes - RM55

Let me start with Shade 01 - Sunshine Gold! The texture is alright, but it's REALLY lacking in the pigmentation department!! The swatch below is achieved with 5 or so swipes and still i could hardly see the color!!

Shade 02 however, is quite pigmented, but texture wise it is kinda chalky!!

Roseflower Radiance Stick - RM58:

If you MUST get anything from this collection, this is it. Methinks that this makes a lovely highlighter, and i love how creamy and pigmented it is! :)

So, what do i think about this collection? With boring colors and mediocre quality, IMHO this is one of those not-so-good collections from TBS, definitely skippable if you ask me!! And not sure if it's only me, but methinks that TBS is a little overpriced... for that price there are definitely better options out there (like, *ahem* MAC!!! :P)! :D

Did you get anything from this collection?

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  1. wow..the colors are so pretty! And you're right about the price though !

  2. I was thinking of getting another blush! Love the packaging!

  3. I like the lipstick! I just swatched it today. The Sweet Pink one. But pricey!! :(

  4. Nikki: yeah... the price is really pricey! I hope they don't increase the price any further! *shakes head*

  5. Cath: hmmm... maybe you can checkout their shimmerwaves or their usual powder blushes la... i think those are a better buy than these two! :D

  6. Connie: yeah the sweet pink one is nice!! I'm just a little annoyed by the misleading name though.. it's NOT pink! lol!!

    yeah they're pricey!! Not really worth that price! :P

  7. ah! i want the lippie@ and fuchsia blusher! it looks pretty! but exp no? >_<

  8. Yah expensive!! Not worth the price la!! :P

  9. This is my first time to buy TBS and I don't know if I'm going to regret it after I read your blog *sigh*. Just got roseflower eyes in sunshine gold and roseflower lips in soft pink..expensive?true but I don't have a choice.lolz!don't know where to buy MAC here in the Philippines. I want to have one.^_^ nwei, can you make a review about shimmer cube palette 18?thanks^_^

  10. Aww... don't regret girl!! I'm sure you bought them because you liked them personally!! :D

    Which part of Philippines are you from? :D if you're from Manila, maybe you can ask Nikki ( and see if she knows where the MAC store is! :D

    Hmmm... i don't own that palette, but i'll try to check them out at the store if i can! Don't count on me though (i'll be away for the whole of next week, plus returning to India the next, so i don't know if i have time to check that out!)!! lol!! Maybe you can checkout for reviews for this product! :D

  11. ^_^ love it, the moment I saw it..thanks again..have a happy trip

  12. hehehe... that's great!! :D

    You're most welcome girl!! Have a great weekend ahead! :)

  13. I actually bought the the Deep Pink lippie from this collection. I was attracted by the fuschia-ish color on the model when I walked by TBS. hehe. :)

    The color is great, the smell is not. But then again, I'm no rose fan.


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