Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Worst Bank of the Century Award goes to...


*Caution: Long rant ahead, read only when you have time*

When i was still in India, i forgot my Maybank2u login password, so after 3 failed attempts, i got locked out of the system. I called up the customer service line from freakin India and was put on hold for like forever before somebody picked up (can you hear the call charges go tick tick tick already?!!!). That somebody verifed my info, and i was told that there was nothing i could do then because my Maybank2u account was removed due to inactivity. I have to personally go to the ATM machine to reapply the stupid online access thing again. Fine. After i came back, i did just that, banked in some $$$, and even attempted to login and do a transfer at the kiosk in the bank just to test the stupid TAC thingy, and it worked just fine. But when i actually wanted to transfer the money, it CANNOT BE DONE:

Irritated, i called up the customer service line once again, and was put on hold by someone who claims that he knows nothing about Maybank2u transactions because he is from the credit card department! What the?!! I specifically selected the Maybank2u related matters option... why put an agent that is from the freakin' credit card department on?!! Nvm that, Mr. Credit Card here put me on hold for SO LONG until i hung up!! I then dialed that stupid number again, and was this time served by the correct person (FINALLY!!!). The lady told me that actually my bank account itself was frozen due to inactivity, thats why i'm not able to do the transfer!!!

I'm freakin' pissed because:
1. They can't diagnose the problem right the first time... making me waste a trip to the bank.
2. The customer service line sucks... it takes eons before somebody picks up.
3. And when somebody does pickup, it is the wrong guy from the wrong freakin department who knows nothing about the option you've just picked from the menu!!
4. WHY do they ACCEPT my deposit when my account is already frozen?!!! Take money time can lah, when i wanna take out MY money time cannot lah!!! @#$&!!!!!

Let's not even talk about the time when my $$$ got deducted from the account already when i did a withdrawal at the ATM (it was quite a significant sum, must i add), but the machine did not dispense the money!!! I tell you, my stress level shot up like 1000% at that time!!

Soooo, the conclusion is, MAYBANK SUCKS!!! I'm SERIOUSLY considering closing my account already!!! ARGH!!! >.<


  1. I'm a genius! I guessed Maybank before the page loaded :p I like the availability of online service and stuff but their customer service really really really sucks. Public Bank has much better customer service.

  2. Close your account with Maybank! I'm not a customer (thank God!), but I've heard complaints upon complaints from my family and friends about that bank. Tsk tsk tsk.

    PS: Welcome home! :)

  3. Welcome hoooome! =)

    (It seems ironic that the first official post back home is a rant on one of the service industries here. Yes, you are TRULY home. LOL.)

    On your rant though, I don't use Maybank, but I've heard heaps of problems with them. Public Bank has been nice enough. So far. =P

    So.. err.. switch? *tee hee*

  4. welcome back to penang! :D hahaha.
    I haven't encounter any bad experience with MBB, only very slow loading.

    Don't close account yet la, since MBB ATM is easily accessible anywhere. Just keep it for the time being. :)

  5. i cant agree more! maybank should be the one closing down instead of any other.

  6. Connie: So clever!! :D Yeah their services is really in a class of their own... they should just close shop!! >.<

  7. Tine: Thank you!!! Welcome home to you too!! hehehe!! Yeah my parents also always complain about Maybank!! >.<

  8. Syen: Thank youuu!! I'm truly home!! lol!! :D Hmmm... seems like public bank has good reviews ya!!

    personally, i don't really like them also leh... never used their online banking before, but their OTC service is sooooooooooooo slow!! The staff are quite not very helpful and the manager sucks (so rude!)!! Maybe its only that branch i goto lah! =X

    Still, they're better than maybank HEAPS!!

  9. Sue: i'm still thinking about it la... since i don't always use my maybank, everytime i wanna use it i have to reactivate it!! >.< so irritating lor!!

  10. Shin: YES!! I will be rejoicing the day they close shop!!! They're simply horrible!!


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