Friday, January 2, 2009


... my first buy of the year:

LOL!! I know, you girls will probably dismiss me with a wave of your right hand and say, "Cheh!", but you girls have NO IDEA how friggin DIFFICULT it is to find these over here you know!!! And they aren't cheap ok!! I used these when i was back home too... they only cost like, RM5.90 for 3 boxes during their Buy 2 Free 1 promo!! Here they cost RM12 PER BOX ok??? Really heart pain to pay so much for GUARDIAN branded stuff!! lol!!

Thank God for the buy one free one promo la...otherwise i think i'll be better off financially sticking with the TBS cotton pads (which surprisingly, IS cheaper than the ah chong brands (or in the local context, Muthu, Sivagami or Kamala ones la), *faints*!!)! lol!!


  1. i stopped using facial cottons ,panty liners n toilet paper wen i got to india..burnt too large of a hole in me pocket...

    instead,i brought back loads to india wen i went back msia for holidays.hahaha..myy mom was puzzled..!~

  2. Oh yeah, toiletpaper is crazy expensive here!!! >.<

    Ahahaha.. that's precisely what i'm gonna do when i go back in 2 weeks time... to bring back one year's supply of tissue papers, pads and pantiliners!! hehehehe!! Hopefully i don't attract too much attention when i chuck so many "personal items" at the cashier! hehehe!!

  3. adei! i din buy anything, Tawau has got NOTHING cosmetic related! Gah!

    but my last item bought is a TBS Vit C Skin Boost at 20% off! Cool! Nyek nyek nyek!

  4. hahaha... it's money saved then!! :D

    that's a good deal you got for the skin boost!! Heard so many good raves for it!! It didn't work for me though... I tried it sometime back but it broke me out :(

  5. well...u cn ask ur mom,hubby n sys or anybody related 2 u to be as a decoy..carry ur stuffs n pay separately...if u wan 2 take d trouble la...uhuhu~

  6. hehehehe maybe i should!! Or i can goto a very secluded watsons / guardian halfway across town!! hahaha!!


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