Monday, January 5, 2009

More swatches of the MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection! :D

With the launch date just around the corner, here're more swatches and pictures of the collection, curtesy of the wonderful erine1881 from! :)


Top: 100 Strokes, Flip, Pincurl, Top Knot, Henna
Bottom: Knight, French Cuff, Deep Shade


From top, left to right: B-Babe, Chignon, Marquise d', All's Fair, Blow Dry, What a Do!


From top: Peroxide, Strawberry Blonde, Quick Tease, Red Devil, Live and Dye, Soft Wave

The Brushes (which are the baby versions of the ones on top!):

Top: 138, Bottom: 165

Top: 224, Bottom: 226

Top: 227, Bottom: 214

Last but not least, the MSFs!! :D




After seeing these pictures, i have both good news and bad news for myself. The good news is, i manage to knock off several eyeshadows and lippies from my wishlist. The badddd news is, i now want the brushes!!! I've been looking for a highlighting brush for quite sometime already... i was torn between the 109 or 168 brush, both of which didn't "convince" me enough to bring them home because i thought the 109 is a little scratchy, and the 168 a little too fluffy!! (ok, i admit i'm choosy!!). Now that they are going to launch the 165, i foresee that this is THE highlighter brush for me!!!

Also, I've been wanting to buy a eye blender brush... the 217 and the 224 are a little too big for my narrow crease! The new 226 looks perfect though, with a pointed tip!!

As for the 214, i thought this would be perfect to smudge eyeliner for a smokey look, or to apply shadow to the lower lid!! But since this is permenant, it can definitely wait!! :)

So, after much (MUCH, i assure you!!) consideration, here's my tentative "want" list:

- Knight es
- Henna es
- Marquise d' lippie
- Blow Dry lippie (maybe only)
- Peroxide lipglass (maybe only)
- Live and Dye lipglass
- Soft Wave lipglass (maybe only)
- Redhead MSF
- Blonde MSF
- 165 brush (maybe only)
- 226 brush (maybe only)

I'm reaaaally praying very very hard that the brushes and those marked Maybe Only are not what i'm looking for so i can save some bucks for the upcoming Hello Kitty collection!!

So little money, so many wants... :'(


  1. oh those swatches looks lovely!!! Lucky you for being able to get your hands on them! but true about so many wants with less money on hand :(

  2. ooh... I like 100 Strokes and Top Knot. such pretty shades! but 100 strokes look beauty marked-ish. the 226 brush looks like it'll be quite useful! huhu. I want Chromaline... but it's a pro product and I dunno how to get it >.<

  3. Nikki: i haven't seen them yet!! These swatches are from!! hehehe!! They look so beautiful right!! I think i'm going to go broke after this collection!! >.<

  4. Connie: The chromaline looks reaally interesting, but i dunno how to use leh!! Hmmm... maybe you can get someone to CP for you?

  5. Oh my goodness! Im loving these argh!! When do they come out?

  6. They'll be out this Thursday, Jan the 8th!! :D

  7. Hey Jenn!!! Thanks for posting the piccies on your blog. =)

    I think you just made my wallet shiver. LOL. There are quite a few items I can tell I'm wanting already! =(

    They're going to be out on Jan 8 in Msia? Serious? =D

  8. No problem Syen!! I'm sooo excited for this collection as well!! *squeals*

    No that's the US release date... it'll probably launch later in Msia lor... :(


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