Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Collection!

The ultra-luxe way to be pampered and playful, Hello Kitty Kouture has arrived! Announcing our limited-edition, glittering Swarovski crystal compacts, the collection privé of Kitty Kouture world! Two new Dazzleglass with Swarovski crystal charms and three Sheer Mystery Powders manage to be both darling, dramatic – and a little bit dangerous – all at the same time. The ultimate in exclusivity, with M·A·C Hello Kitty Kouture, a sophisticated client’s social status is all but assured!

Dazzleglass ($28.00)
* Kitty Kouture - Sheer pale pink with red and gold pearl
* Dazzlepuss - Sheer bright pink with red and blue pearl

Sheer Mystery Powder ($90.00)
* Light Medium - Pale ivory
* Medium Plus - Tan beige
* Dark Secret - Deep caramel

This collection will launch on the 5th of March and will be available at MAC free standing stores / Pro stores only, as well as!

I knew i said i was really excited about this collection before, but after seeing the pics above, I have no interest whatsoever in getting it anymore!! I thought it would be you know, Classy Rhinestoney, not Tacky Rhinestoney (no offence to those who love it!)! Also, methinks that both items are WAYYY overpriced! It's great if you have the S-11s to spend, but personally i do not think it is worth that amount of money! :(

Do you like this collection? :D

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  1. Hmmm, I thought I saw a different post on reader ;D The Kouture collection is indeed quite exp!

  2. Wah you very fast!!! :D The one you saw is probably the post below - the Hello Kitty one? :D

    Yeahhhh, it is very ex lor!!

  3. Lol I'm at home with nothing to do. Ooops I didn't realise that it's posted!

    Bad bad blogger! Mind telling who is it?

  4. hehehe... give her chance to "bertaubat" first!! If she continues being naughty then i tell you k!! :)

  5. Hahaha sure!

    Where are you now dear? Still in India? Any nice shops over there? Went shopping much?

  6. yeah, i'm still in India now... but gonna balik next week liao!! I can't wait to go home!!! :D

    Hmmm... here in India nothing much ler... quite boring in fact!! I didn't really shop much over here!! Their sizes run a little big, so no size for me as well! :( :(

    Nvmlah, when i come back i can shop all i want! heheheh!!

    How about you?? buy CNY clothes di?? :D

  7. Ahhh! You must have missed Malaysian food ALOT hahaha.

    I've been buying clothes online, but their sizes are too big and loose on me! Next time, I'll buy clothes in the UK 4-8 size range.

    I've been lurking in too, tempted to get some stuff but I'm wondering whether it's practical to get them or not. I don't NEED those things, but I WANT them hahaha.

    Any particular shops that you are setting camp in once you return to Malaysia? *teehee*

  8. goodness.. so expensive! I'm kinda anti Hello kitty so nuh uh... nothing for me.

  9. i don't like hellow kitty so i am not wanting anything. the price is a bit too expensive IMO.

  10. Engmin: Yessssssss!!! Especially for me, coming from Penang, aiyo!! You cannot imagine how much i miss the yummies from my little island!! hehehe!! I'm sooo gonna wolf down a huge bowl of char koay teow the first thing i touch down!! :D

    Wah, you must be really petite leh!! :D i don't think i can ever fit in a UK4!! hehehe!!

    Hmm... actually not really la!! Can't really buy much cuz of luggage constraints! I'll mostly just replenish the necessary items like my moisturizer and eye cream. Of course, i'll go disturb my MAC MA too!! hehehe!! Most likely i'll raid Watsons as well!! hahaha!!

  11. Connie & Jojoba: yah!! It's soo expensive!! Like you, i'm not a hello kitty fan also... but i'm getting some of them anyway for collection purpose... just not from the HK Kouture line! :)

  12. actually that powder looks oookay.. not worth that kind of silly money though.

    saying that i got the monogram sheerspark powder and that compact (similar the the hk one above) was kind of cheapier than it looked on the internet!

  13. icic... i heard that the mystery powder is very good!! very finely milled and it gives a nice glow to your face! Still, $90 is crazy!! >.<

  14. For some reason I am just not that excited about this collection, but that is a great thing for my wallet. Great blog and please do check out mine when you get a chance. Thanks!

  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog Coco! Yeah, i'm not that excited about this collection too, compared to BBR! :)

  16. Aiyoh... what mystery powder?! Haha... To ex liao lor... And I don't need it. Think if it's a mirror, I might still buy it at S$35.
    Angmo's idea of HK and Asian's very different. Think the girls here still like the sweet HK.

  17. I heard that the mystery powder is really good leh!! But like you i think it's wayyyy overpriced!!

    I agree!! Like i've said, it's like Hello Kitty gone SM!! Scary!! lol!!


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