Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag: Friendship Award and Survey!

I got tagged by the funtabulously gorgeous Connie! :D

My Friendship award goes out to all my close friends in real life (who're unfortunately scattered all across the globe, leaving me alone in Penang India both places), as well as all of you wonderful online persons that i have gotten to know and love! Given the chance and opportunity I would LOVE to meet and get to know each and everyone of you personally over a cuppa tea! :)

On to the survey:

where is your cell phone? On my book shelf, charging too! :D
where is your significant other? Watching The Last Samurai on cable.
hair color? Was red, but now its brownish with my dark roots showing! Yikes! :P
your mother? looks very young for her age (Something i hope i inherit from her!!)
your father? lets me get away with murder sometimes... hurhurhur...
your favorite thing? I'll say my The North Face jacket i'm wearing now... it's FREEZING over here!!
your dream last night? I dreamt that i finally depotted all my MAC eyeshadows! Is that like a divine sign or what! -____-
your dream/goal? I'm a really simple person - i just want to be able to spend the rest of my life with my husband and loved ones! :) And oh, being able to travel extensively comes a very close second!! :)
the room you're in? errr... my bedroom?
your hobby? Makeup!! Foooood!! Photography!! Travelling!!!
your fear? Heights!! Small Spaces!! Cockroaches!!!!!! (Gosh why were these ugly things created in the first place!)
where do you want to be in 6 years? Umm... back in Penang? Bangkok's not too bad too!!
where were you last night? at home?
what you're not? male!! I would be devastated if i were! lol!
one of your wish list items? Ze MAC 136... Gimme, GIMMEEEE!! :D~
where you grew up? Penang, where all my favouritest foods are!
the last thing you did? Copied and paste this from Connie's blog! lol!!
what are you wearing? Blue Hollister T, comfy terry shorts from FOS and The North Face jacket
your tv? not mine but the housemate's, whats up with it?
your pet? None currently! Would love to have a cat!
your computer? A Dell
your mood? Happy! :)
missing someone? Yeshhhhhh! I miss my family and friends back home!!
your car? Mei You!
something you're not wearing? Socks... nowonder my toes are turning blue!!
favorite store? M.A.C, oh how i love theeeeee!
your summer? will not be here soon :(
love someone? of course!
your favorite color? it depends on my mood actually! Now it's baby pink! :)
when is the last time you laughed? 10 mins ago!
last time you cried? Don't really remember... probably when i first came over to India i guess!
are you a b*tch? Nooo, i'm human! *roll eyes*
favorite position? #1! I hate losing (and nosey survey questions like this!! *sticks out tongue*)!
favorite past time? Sleeping!! Especially with my husband and a soft pillow snuggled together under the sheets!! ahhh bliss!
are you a hater or a lover? Lover! Hating makes you grow old faster!
are you genuine or fake? Genuine i guess... never went for plastic surgery before!
any vices? plenty!
pro life or wire hanger? Pro-life!
mccain or obama? Neither, couldn't be bothered actually!
pro plastic or natural? Natural!
dream job? A travel photographer! Owning my own MAC store sounds great too!! :D

I tag... YOU!! Don't run away huh!! :D


  1. Just read this! My best friend is also from Penang... =)
    So you're in India now? Hubby posted there for work?

  2. Hi Catherine! icic!! What a coincidence! :D

    Yep me in India now!! Can't wait to go home though! hehehe!! Yep my husband's here for work! :)

  3. LOL at the are you a b*tch question and you said you're human.

    HAHAHA :p

  4. LOL! Like i would be caught dead admitting that i'm one! XD


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