Monday, December 8, 2008

Storage Ideas: Recycled Cardbox Box! :D

I have been hooked to Koren from EnkoreMakeup's youtube videos these few days!! Do check out his really informative and useful videos!! I really learnt alot from them! :D

His Organize Lipstick/gloss, Save the Planet video inspired me to make my own recycled cardbox box!

I'm a person who's anal about getting my stuff to fit PERFECTLY in their respective storage boxes, so the idea of making my own custom sized box really appealed to me!! So i went and transformed this:

to this:

A cloze up:

ahaha... i know it looks a little wonky and of course, not as pretty as the one Koren did in the video, but hey, i took almost 2 hours to do this yeah?! So faster praise me already!! hahaha!! XD

Here's the box with the stuff in it:

I'm really surprised at how sturdy it is!! :D Btw, if you're wondering what are those in the box, they're my TBS Home Fragrances! :D

They have been living in a nasty black plastic bag the longest time ever, because i never found a suitable place to put them! Now i do! :D

So there, here's my first ever recycled box box! lol!! I'm planning to do a few more already! It's teh-rah-peutic baby!! hahaha!! I hope this will help those of you who're as anal as me about perfect-sized boxes, or simply gives you an idea about what to do to those cardboard boxes lying around your house! Go save the planet now already! hehehe!! :D

On another note, i don't know what is wrong with me today, but i scratched my left knee against the table not once, not twice, but THREE friggin times already today... and it's just 11:50am now! -____-

They say bad luck comes in threes, so let's hope that the end of it for today (and a very long time to come!! T_T)


  1. I've seen Korean's video on it, I am just a lazy person to do DIY lol..but yours came out great :) Don't worry, there won't be any bad luck..just be positive :)

  2. Hee hee, that's a great idea to recycling a cereal box :)

  3. you need to stick a duct tape on that sharp edge. ouch! *kisses the scratches better* LOL! I use a shoebox to dump all my skin care and I have loads of ikea storage boxes. hehe

  4. Askmewhats: ahaha... thanks!! I think you're too kind though!! hahaha!!

    You're right... i haven't knocked into anything so far!! *touches wood*

  5. Tine: yeah it is!! Thanks to Koren for the idea!! hehe!! :D

  6. Connie: yeah i should tape the damn edge right now!! Yeouch!!

    I WANT ikea storage box and stuff!! they should bring ikea to penang already!! >.<

  7. hates those sharp hazard careful,ok..

  8. Kay: yeah... tell me about it!! thanks for your concern!! i'll definitely be more careful moving forward! hehehe!!

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