Saturday, December 6, 2008

MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead Pictures!!

Product pictures of the much anticipated MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead collection are out!! Truth be told i felt that the pictures did not accurately reflect some of the colors as seen from the swatches of this collection. Still, i'm soooo excited about this!! :D

First up are the Blondes:

Top Knot (Velvet), Knight (Veluxe Pearl), Pincurl (Frost) eyeshadows

B-Babe (Frost) & All's Fair (Lustre) Lipsticks; Peroxide & Strawberry Blonde Lipglasses

Then the Brunettes:

Deep Shade (Frost), Henna (Veluxe Pearl) & Femmi-Fi (Veluxe Pearl) eyeshadows

What a 'Do! (Frost) & Chignon (Glaze) Lipsticks; Soft Wave & Quick Tease Lipglasses

And then the Redheads:

French Cuff (Lustre), 100 Strokes (Frost) & Flip (Frost) eyeshadows

Marquise d' (Lustre) & Blow Dry (Frost) Lipsticks; Live and Dye & Blow Dry Lipglasses

LE Brushes:

The MAC 165, 226 and 214 brushes!!

Anddddddddd... I saved the best for the last!! *drum rolls* here comes the MSFs!!! *squeals*

The Blonde, Brunette and Redhead MSFs!! :D

*screams* Shooooooo Prrrrrrrrrrrretty right?!! Here's my tentative list of wants:

- Knight
- Pincurl
- Deep Shade
- Henna
- Femmi-Fi (might try to get the Neo Sci-fi one if i can... i love LE packaging! :D)
- 100 Strokes
- Flip

- B-Babe
- What a 'Do!
- Marquise d'
- Blow Dry

- Peroxide
- Live and Dye

- Blonde
- Redhead

I'm sooooo dead, but i'd figure since i'll be skipping most of the Chill and Dame Edna Collections, hopefully this doesn't burn too big a hole in my wallet! >.<

Did anything from this collection catch your fancy? Or are you passing on this? :D

Photo Credits: All pictures taken from


  1. I'm liking the colors for the redhead!

  2. I want MSF!!!! slurpssssss

  3. Sue: Yeshhhhhhhh, the MSFs look really yummilicious!!! :D~~~

  4. Oh oh... the MSFs are calling out. And surprisingly, I feel the pull for the redhead colours. Even I ain't nowhere near a redhead. =P

  5. Syen: the MSFs are definitely calling out to us!! lol!! I heard that they'll be really smooth and not as gritty as the previous ones as well, so i'm really looking forward to this collection! :D

    The redhead colors are really beautiful!! Me not a redhead too... hehehe!! :D


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